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With the kids going back to school, Bacon has been a bit sad at times.  He misses them during the day, with only me to play with.  He is dying to ride the bus with them, and frequently will pack his backpack when they are packing theirs.  When they get home, he’s so excited to see them!  He’s been talking so much more as well, and is able to carry on conversations now.  I can’t believe how fast he’s growing up.

So during the day, I try to find things to entertain him.  We’ve been coloring, playing with various stuffed animals, and of course trucks, cars and trains.  He’s also been pretty good about taking naps as long as I lay down with him.  This is a change from the summer, when he wasn’t napping at all.  I’d thought he had given them up.


I think it helps that we make nap time special by allowing him to choose something to watch on my iPad when we lay down.  You guys know he’s obsessed with all things Snoopy- we all can recite the entire Christmas special.  Lately I’ve been pulling up Netflix Kids and letting him scroll through and choose.

He’d been choosing Thomas the Tank Engine, probably because we’ve been talking a lot about choo choo trains with Aaron’s new job.  But I just don’t find the charm in that show, and have been trying to steer him to other shows.  We’ve recently discovered a really cool Netflix original called Dinotrux.


Combining two things my boys absolutely adore- dinosaurs and construction vehicles, when I saw it was from DreamWorks, I knew it’d be good.  Then we went to Denny’s and the kids menus were all about the show, and they were dying to start watching it.  The past week, Bacon has been selecting an episode of Dinotrux and I am so thankful not to have to listen to Thomas or watch Snoopy again!


I had an appointment at the elementary school today for Ryan’s IEP stuff.  Since Aaron’s in training, I had to bring Bacon with me.  He was so excited to go to ‘ghoul’.  He spent the morning packing his backpack, and chose some choo choo trains, Snoopy, a sippy cup, and a package of wipes.  He tried desperately to get his Snoopy blanket in as well, but I had to help with that.  He was super disappointed to find out he was riding in my van and not on the bus with the twins.


Unfortunately, he’s really behind.  He’s basically at the level of a kindergartner at the beginning of the school year.  Instead of having an aid in the classroom with him the majority of the day, they’re going to focus on more individual help at this school.  I feel like the specialists he has here are better equipped to deal with his limited vision and address his needs.  He will get one on one help from a woman who deals with the blind, and she’ll be working with him on not just modifying things so he can see them to the best of his ability, but she’s also going to start teaching him braille.

They’ve brought in paper with higher contrast lines for writing, as well as paper that has slight ridges for the lines.  It’s wider ruled than normal as well, and they’re seeing which way helps him more.  They also discussed printing out larger print papers for him, and they have his desk on a wedge with a clip because he seems to be able to focus best when things are more upright.

Because he’s so behind with his letters and sounds, he’ll also be pulled out daily to work on that.  I’m relieved, because I knew he was behind where he should be, and behind Dylan.  I know if he doesn’t get the foundations of letters and sounds he’ll continue to fall behind.  I’m hoping it will just ‘click’ soon and with that and the steps they’re taking, he’ll be able to catch up.  I worry that he’ll have to stay back a year, which would be super weird since he’s a twin.  But I also don’t want them to push him through just because he has visual issues.

Right now, he’s loving the extra attention and special treatment from the extra help, and I hope it stays that way for awhile.  I know kids can be cruel, and pick on their classmates that aren’t at their level.  But for now, Ryan likes being ‘special’ and it’s a positive thing for him.  I have my fingers crossed that he’ll be able to catch up before before that changes.

All the teachers at the meeting talked about how Ryan is sweet, and a good kid.  He behaves and does what he’s told, and doesn’t need more help with daily functional needs than any of the other students.  I knew he was able to compensate in that way, because he’s always kept up with Dylan.

So basically, at this point, they’re going to pull him out of class during part of the day to figure out how to best teach to his abilities and hopefully get him caught up to the other kids his age.

Riding the Train

Bacon blur as he runs away from me to play with the 'wins.

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Weekend Recap


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I’m a mess

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