Best Day Ever.

I did a lot of waffling with this enucleation.  I really wanted to save Ryan’s eye.  But once he said he wanted it out, and then Dr. Shields said get it out, I figured we were making the right choice.

And after the call we received from pathology today, I’m even more sure we did the right thing!

Due to the blood in his eye, they couldn’t tell us what was going on, which means if we had decided to keep it, they’d have had to perform a vitrectomy to drain the blood.  This potentially could have introduced cancerous cells to other parts of his body, and we were told quite often in cases like his, they end up needing to take the eye anyway.

If we wanted to keep his eye, he’d have to have it done since they couldn’t get a good look at what was going on.  Without it, they couldn’t prescribe chemo or even tell if the chemo was working once he started it.

So the eye came out.  And today we got the results:  there was an aggressive tumor in there.

Aggressive.  And it’s gone, gone out of my baby’s body and into some lab somewhere.  It’s gone, and Ryan does not need chemo.

Best news ever.


Oh the hat?  I ordered Ryan some fancy eye patches from Amazon to wear while his eye heals, until he gets his matching eye from the ocularist.  Except that is what arrived first!

Tough Guy

Ryan came home from his surgery on Monday and was groggy from the anesthesia. They’d dilated his other eye to do a thorough exam while he was under, so it was sensitive to the light.  He was super hungry, and wanted to eat.  He fell asleep a little early, but said he wasn’t in any pain.

Tuesday morning he was wide awake at 4am, and starving again. He said his eye hurt a bit, so I gave him the prescribed pain meds.  It turns out that what was bothering him was the tape and whatnot that they had used to hold the patch on.  At one point, he wanted to play outside, but felt the light was too bright.  Aside from that, he was acting like nothing happened.  In fact, I think he was kind of going stir crazy, and he wanted to go somewhere, anywhere.  Aaron brought him with him when he went on a few errands.

Today, I had some errands to run, so he got to come with me. We stopped for lunch and he was going crazy playing in the play area with the other kids.  It made me nervous, but he didn’t seem to have any issues.  During our errands, we also stopped by his school to pick up Dylan and he saw his teachers and they all hugged him and can’t wait until he’s back.

His doctor said he can stay out this week, but I had Aaron call and ask if he can go back earlier- this child does not resemble a kid who had surgery two days ago!  Friday morning there’s an assembly at school for the fourth quarter, and Ryan’s receiving an award, so I think I’ll send him in if he’s ready to go.

Under the patch, it’s pretty rough looking.  It’s very bruised and swollen, but even in the two days time since I took this photo, it’s gone down a lot.  He’s nervous about kids saying something at school, and I’m sure it didn’t help when Bacon said he didn’t like looking at his eye when we were changing the patch.  His cool patches from Amazon will show up tomorrow though, so I think that will help.

The picture above is from the very first patch change, and it’s already improved significantly.  They said they put an adult size implant so he won’t have to go through that part of the surgery again, yay!  Once he’s healed up he will head to the ocularist for his prosthetic.  It’s pretty cool, it’s all ‘wired’ to the muscles and whatever in there, so his fake eye will move the same as his real one.  We’re also waiting for pathology results, and if all goes well, he won’t need any further chemo at this point.

Thank you all for the thoughts and prayers, they are definitely working- this kid is so tough it’s like nothing’s happened to him!

Last Time

We just sent Ryan to bed- he has to be at the hospital at 6am for his surgery tomorrow.  He wanted to wear his eyeball leggings, this kid, I tell you.  Such a trooper.  I took a quick picture of him before tucking him in, and I’m not going to lie- it’s killing me to […]

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Happy Mother’s Day!

As I hear about unhappy ladies everywhere, not amused with their husband’s lack of acknowledgement of them on Mother’s Day, I’m reminded again how amazing Aaron is to me.  We might not do traditional gifts, or go all out with our holidays, but he never fails to make me feel loved and appreciated.  He knows […]

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Quick Ryan Update

We’ll find out at some point today what time exactly, but Ryan’s enucleation is scheduled for Monday morning.  It’s an outpatient procedure, so he should be home that night.  They said it will only take an hour – an hour and a half.  He’s more upset that he doesn’t get to pack a suitcase to […]

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Day 1 of Becoming a Girl

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