I hate everyone.

I’ve always liked living on base.  A lot of people will complain about neighbors but we’ve really never had an issue.  Until recently anyway.   I’m feeling like we’re being targeted because our kids are older here.

I joined a Facebook group for the people who live in housing here, and mostly it is about upcoming events, but there’s always the gossipy wives.  And apparently all of those live on my street.

Most of them are a good 10+ years younger than I am, fresh out of high school, with young kids.  And all they do is complain about the teens on base.  Well, they complain about everything, but I take the teen stuff personally since I’m one of the only ones on the road with kids that age.

Last night really annoyed me though- they were talking about kids who were walking in the road instead of on the sidewalk.  I get that, it’s annoying.  But the speed limit is like 2 mph here and I know I did stupid stuff like that at this age.  They’re talking about calling the base police and following the kids home though.

They have also complained about teenaged kids hanging out at the playgrounds.  There’s NOTHING to do around here, so I’m not sure why a couple of kids sitting out on the swings is so bad.  It wasn’t that long ago that these ladies were teens themselves- what were they doing?

There was a big discussion about how kids under 12 shouldn’t be outside unsupervised awhile back in the same group.  Really?  12?  We lived in a fenced community of all military families.  It theoretically should be the safest place to raise your kids.  I’m not following my 10 year old while she rides her scooter around the neighborhood.

People wonder why kids are always in front of the TV or computer or video games- it’s because their parents get harassed if they let them outside.c58c4b474f802c75c02120629571a30

Giveaway time! #swimways #IC #Sponsored

I participated in an Ambassador Program on behalf of Influence Central for SwimWays. I received product samples to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for my participation.

As the weather beings to heat up, my kids are getting excited for summer activities.  Tops on their list?  Hitting up the pool here on base.  We’re fortunate enough to live a block away from an awesome kid-friendly pool, with a walk in ramp area.  I can’t wait until it opens over Memorial Day weekend!

My twins know to stay where they can touch, and last summer they mastered a rudimentary doggy paddle. Bacon on the other hand, is that fearless age where he just follows his siblings everywhere- so I’m sure I’ll be worrying about his safety this year around water.  I remember when my other kids were in this stage and would head straight into the ocean with out a care in the world!  Nerve wracking, for sure!


SwimWays Baby Spring Float is the perfect way to let little ones get used to being in the water as well as reassuring their parents of their safety.  I love that it’s portable and folds up, and that Bacon can begin the process of learning to swim with it.  I also love the fabric/mesh that it’s made of- it’s not that cheap plastic baby seat I had for the other kids that is subject to popping.  It’s for babies 9-24 months.


May 16th is National Learn to Swim Day- a day that was designed to remind parents to start summer by teaching their kids water safety and of course, how to swim.  All kids should learn how to swim, it’s a very important life skill.  You can learn more at the Teach Me to Swim website, or by checking out SwimWays on Facebook and Twitter.  You can also search the hashtag #SwimWays.

You can find the SwimWays Baby Spring Float at Toys R Us, or you can win one right here!  To enter, just fill out the form below!  Winner will be chosen May 20th.  Contest entrants are only eligible to win once per sweepstake, per household as part of a campaign sponsored by Influence Central.

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