Half Full

12661915_10207606060323192_6058964383393944324_nWhen we lost Raime, I remember thinking that I knew what sucked about the situation, that much was obvious.  I instead decided to try to find the good and positive in what happened.  I had an amazing nurse.  It brought Aaron and I super close together.  We wouldn’t have had Lili, etc.

I try really hard to live my life like that on a daily basis.  It’d be so easy to curl up into a ball and rock back and forth in the corner sometimes and let life’s stresses bring me down.  So when I read this article, I Won’t Apologize For The Great Life I Portray On Facebook, I really identified with it.

12642778_10207606451172963_5975503429289112058_nI want to be happy, and not have things to complain about.  I want my kids to have a good life, and I want them to be able to look back on the positive things we’ve done through the years.  With so much of our lives on social media, they’re going to have access to things like this blog as they get older.  I know they aren’t going to forget crappy events, but why record them for posterity?

Now, I don’t ever want to go so far as to make our lives look like a magazine spread when we’re obviously surrounded by chaos.  I’m not against sharing the messy and crazy.  But I hope to put a positive spin on those days, because chances are the messes were made because we were doing something fun, right?

Real doesn’t have to mean perfection.  But it also doesn’t mean I have to share things I’d rather forget.


Stuff goes missing in our house all the time.  I don’t know if it’s actually lost, or if it gets confiscated by one of the kids, but I can never find what I know we have.  There’s the typical single socks, but that’s such a common issue and my kids are just resigned to wearing mismatched socks.  But around here, so much more has poofed into the void.

1.  Tape.  I could buy a case of tape, and put a roll in every single drawer, cabinet and shelf, and I still have to use a stapler to wrap a birthday present.  (With Christmas paper, since the birthday wrapping paper has of course gone missing.)

2.  Chocolate chips.  I swear I buy them all the time, but every time I go to make cookies, I can’t find any.  In fact, just recently I had to chop up all the chocolate Christmas candy to put in my cookie bars because they went missing again.

3.  Remote controls.  With everyone watching TV randomly during the day, it gets stuffed somewhere random, and when the kids go to bed and I finally can sit down to watch a grown up show, it takes forever to find it.  Bacon and his hiding things habit doesn’t help either.

4. Pencils.  Pencil sharpeners.  I buy pencils like they’re disposable, and in the biggest packs they sell, yet it seems like the twins can only find one stubby one with no point that they fight over and end up having to share after I sharpen it with a knife to do their homework every night.

5.  Chargers.  These not only go missing, but for some reason the kids are constantly breaking iPhone/iPad/iPod chargers.  I don’t even want to know how much money I’ve spent on replacing chargers over the years.

6.  Throw blankets/pillows.  I like to keep throw blankets on the couch for myself, but when the kids are watching TV they seem to abscond with them.  A few times, I’ve gone into the twins’ room and found a dozen blankets, in addition to their own comforters!  They do have a loft bed that lends to blanket fort building, in their defense.

7.  Toothpaste.  I’m pretty sure the kids just coat the sink with this, in an attempt to paint it blue.  Their bathroom is constantly running out, and their sink is constantly covered in it.

8.  Band-aids.  Whenever someone actually legitimately needs a band-aid, there are none to be found and I have to fold up a napkin and duct tape it to the wound.  But I’m sure you can find at least 3 empty band-aid boxes in the house at any given time.

What does your family lose??

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Making a Murderer


People everywhere are talking about the documentary series, Making a Murderer, so of course I had to check it out.  I watched half of the first episode with Lili a few days ago, and she wasn’t interested, so I put it aside and started it back up later when she went to bed.  I’m currently […]

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2016 Word of the Year.


I wasn’t going to bother this year, because I didn’t do much with last year’s word- or so I thought.  I couldn’t even remember what I picked for a minute!  But the word I chose last year was Trust, and the more I thought about it, the more appropriate the word really was for me. […]

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My Room


I turned one of the bedrooms in our house into a little office/craft room. It’s my sanctuary, I’ve never had something like this, where I could just do my thing.  The kids pretty much stay out of here, so it’s the only room that is clean on a regular basis.  Lili will come watch TV […]

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