Mom Wars

Same story, different topic.  Whether it’s the battle of breast vs bottle, cloth vs disposables, or home school vs public, it seems that moms always have something to criticize other moms about.  Lately, with all the measles talk in the news, it’s those who are pro-vaccination vs the non-vaxxers.

I get it.  There are scary articles about ingredients in vaccines out there.  But like so many other aspects of parenting, I feel it’s something you need to educate yourself on, and do what’s best for your family.  And just because you commit to one vaccine, doesn’t mean you have to say yes to another.

A post from a mom recently went viral.  I saw it on my feed about a million times.  It was a long article, but basically, the mom brought the newborn baby to the doctor, and later on received a call saying they were potentially exposed to measles while there.  She rants and raves about how her kid was put at risk.

I get that too.  I get that she is scared.  The thought you could lose your child is terrifying, especially over something potentially preventable.  There were comments about the stupidity of the non-vaxxers, stating things like they’d rather have a kid with Autism than a dead kid.

But what wasn’t addressed was the reason WHY the child that exposed the others wasn’t vaccinated.  I really wish people would stop to think before they start casting blame.  It was mentioned that at the time of the doctor’s visit, they didn’t know that the infected child was in fact infected.  So it wasn’t as if the parents purposely brought their child with measles out in public.

Did they stop to consider that perhaps the child wasn’t even old enough themselves to have received the MMR vaccine?

Perhaps the child was not vaccinated for a medical reason.  When Ryan was diagnosed at 4 months with cancer, we were told by his doctors to forgo any vaccinations until after his chemo was finished and his blood work was all back to normal.

I hate all the judgement between moms.  I don’t understand why we can’t just try to put ourselves in each other’s shoes, or at least agree to disagree.  We are all just doing what we feel is best for our kids.  I think it is safe to assume that not one of us wants to see someone else’s child suffer.

I’ll be watching you…

This post is brought to you by VTech and Motherhood. All opinions are my own.

When Ethan was a baby, we never really needed a baby monitor.  We lived in a small, one bedroom apartment, so we were never far from each other.  Over the years, as our family has grown, our house has had to as well.

Our home in Hawaii was two stories and much larger.  When Lili was born, she had the tiniest cry.  If  she was more than a few feet away from us, we could barely hear her cry.  (Oooh, how things change!  Now she’s a preteen loudmouth!)

I remember moving her bed to right next to ours, touching in fact, so that I could let myself fall asleep without worrying that I wouldn’t wake up if she cried.  I would bring her downstairs with me for the day, and she’d nap in the same room as me for the same reasons.  Of course, with three older brothers, she was often woken up- and a baby monitor would have been a smart investment at the time.

When she was four months old, we moved to North Carolina and into a one story house.  Also during that time, she got louder, so the need for a monitor was forgotten.  Then came Mia who shared a room with Lili, who served as our human toddler sized alarm.

The twins were born in 2009, and at that point I’d looked into the video monitors that were now on the market.  I remember thinking it would be so cool to be able to see them without going into the room, especially once they were older and interacting.  They came home from the NICU with Brady/Apnea monitors and I wasn’t comfortable leaving them out of my sight.  By the time they outgrew them, I realized a video monitor was out of our budget.

vm333When The Motherhood contacted me about reviewing the VTech Safe&Sound® Pan & Tilt Full Color Video Baby Monitor, my first thought was why?  Bacon is two.  But after I got up to check on him playing in the other room for like the 30th time, I thought it could be a great idea.

We usually gate off the bedrooms and bathrooms, keeping Bacon in the living room area.  But lately he’s been wanting to play in the twins room and if I’m not constantly checking on him, things seem to find their way into the toilet.  And when the twins are home from school, they have a habit of getting themselves into trouble- like coloring on things that aren’t paper when they know better.  So I decided I would like to try out this monitor, and I’d put it so I could see into the twins room.

It is a pretty nifty little device.  The camera pans up to 270 degrees side-to-side and tilts as many as 124 degrees up and down. You can even zoom in up to 2x to get a closer look.  Once we found a good location for it, I could see the majority of the room and even pan it over to the hallway to see if somebacon is sneaking into the bathroom.

If we wanted to, we could get more cameras and use the same hand unit to see them- up to four!  So we could put one in the hallway, the playroom, etc and keep our eye on all the kids at once.  The signal works up to 1,000 feet, and it’s digitized and encrypted, ensuring video and audio transmission is always private and secure.  I think that’s great because I have heard stories about people picking up monitor interference on cordless phones.  Does anyone even have a land line any longer though?

Some great additional product features:

  • High-resolution 2.8-inch color LCD
  • Full-motion video with up to 25 frames per second
  • Night vision thanks to two infrared LEDs and a low-lux camera
  • Intercom- great for telling your toddler to PUT DOWN THAT CRAYON!
  • Temperature sensor
  • Vibrating sound-alert on the parent unit
  • Wall mount bracket for the camera part

Want to learn more and maybe win one of your own?  I’m cohosting a twitter party Wednesday, February 18th!

Twitter Party Information

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