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I participated in an Ambassador program on behalf of Influence Central for the MetLife TRICARE Dental Program. I received a promotional item to thank me for my participation.

Over the last few months, I’ve written a lot about MetLife TRICARE Dental Program, and this will be my final post for this ambassadorship.  I thought it would be good to update you all on changes to 2015 rates and premiums available for military families now that the new year has begun.  These changes take place February 1st, as they do annually.  Premiums vary based upon the military status (Active Duty, Reserve, etc) and type of enrollment chosen.  bdf722377f6575f077fbfe5e7bd79d35

In addition to offering dental coverage, the MetLife TRICARE Dental Program is dedicated to educating members about important dental care practices and dental health.  Two ways to keep up to date on those are TRICARE’s Facebook page and the Dental HeathMatters Newsletter.  Older issues are archived on the website (under the Booklet and Forms tab) and offer a wealth of information and even pages for kids.

The MetLife TRICARE Dental Program is part of the TRICARE Health Plan for military families- but please note that you must enroll separately to receive your dental coverage for your family.  And despite the monthly premium, it’s still a super cost effective way for families to have dental coverage.  It’s convenient because it’s continuous despite moves, status changes, and whatever else the military throws at you.

So now that we’re in the beginning of a new year, we should all take the time to do a few things.  Scheduling our bi-annual dental cleanings for my family is on top of my list.  Another thing that I’ve often neglected is going over the various changes to rates and premiums and make sure our budget is still on track.  It’s not just the medical items either- I often forget that I’ll be charged for Amazon Prime every January and then I am shocked to see that payment come out of my account!

Please tell me I’m not the only one that forgets about stuff like this!


Marsala MIttensI mentioned in my last post that I signed up to sell Jamberry.  The more I learn about the company, and the more I spend time with my upline, the more I love them.  My only problem is that I’m antisocial in real life.  I am OK with just being a hobbiest but I think I’d love to be an active consultant.  I just am not sure how to convince people to have parties.  I am thrilled that they encourage online parties (usually on Facebook) because it fits in with my life so much better than going to people’s houses.

The benefits are really good for both hostess and consultants.  Take my launch party for example- I was my own hostess and received so many rewards!  A free sheet of wraps, $60 in product credit, 5 half off items, 25% off any additional purchases, 2 exclusive items, and 3 month of free shipping.  The exclusive items are the monthly hostess wraps.  Then on top of that, I earn my commission!16238472831_ff6e4c9092_zMy launch party inspired me, and now I’d really like to make this work as more than just a hobbiest.  I am torn because I don’t want to be annoying and make people feel like they have to do a party.  So how do I encourage someone to book one?  I do all the work- they just have to click invite and chat.  Since it’s online, there’s no cleaning, finding sitters, making party foods, etc.  And at the end, you get to redeem all of those rewards.

I put them on Lili’s nails about two weeks ago because she’s a biter.  Her nails and cuticles were just horrible.  After 10 days, we decided to switch them out because she was bored of them and we could see they were growing out.  There is such a huge improvement- I couldn’t believe it!


I really love this product and company, and I think anyone who tries them will too.  If you’d like to request a sample, I’d be happy to send one out to you.  Just go to and fill in your info.  And if you love them, consider booking a party!

My current obsession is playing around with the Nail Art Studio.  You can design your own nails for them to make for you.  They are a little more expensive, but the ideas are endless!  I have made a handful of wrap designs in the NAS- and I’m always working on more.  If you would like me to work on something for you, let me know.  Here’s my album of creations:  Jayme’s NAS Designs and an example of one of my favorites:Bacon1

RTT (Random Tuesday Thoughts)


The kids and Aaron had yesterday off because of ‘Marvin Lubert Junior King Day’.  We had a nice, lazy, long weekend. Bacon has always been a babbler- but lately he’s been repeating so many things we say.  Of course, as a toddler, his favorite word is NO.  The other night, Aaron asked him what we […]

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Chuck E. Cheese for Dinner


I received a guest pass to experience Chuck E. Cheese with my family to facilitate my review. I know most parent’s roll their eyes at the thought of heading to Chuck E. Cheese- and it’s not high on your list for a family dinner out, but I think that’s because we often go for parties.  […]

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New Year, New Stuff to Watch! #StreamTeam


I am so excited about the new shows and movies on Netflix, and this month marks the releases of a lot of great ones!  I love watching shows with several seasons, and when I found out Friends was going to be available as of January 1st I was thrilled.  I can’t wait to relive my […]

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Bringing Back Insta-Friday


It’s been a long time, I’m sure there’s a few good photos to share…  Also?  It’s actually FRIDAY.  

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