Get the most out of holiday shopping this year! (And $50 to Amazon!) #KrogerGC4xFuel

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krogerI am a last minute person when it comes to holiday shopping- I haven’t even started yet.  I did begin making a list, but it’s not complete.  The problem with waiting until the last minute is that I miss out on sales and deals, because I’ve procrastinated too long.  It also doesn’t leave me much time to search for elusive gifts for those who are hard to shop for, and I end up settling on something else.

But today I’ve learned of a little trick that will work for even last minute shoppers like me!  Did you know you can double dip on savings by buying gift cards BEFORE you even do your holiday shopping- and then use those like cash?  For example- you can earn 4x fuel points on select gift card purchases at Kroger grocery stores now through 12/08, for up to 12% in savings.

You can buy almost ANY gift card* aside from Kroger ones- so if you buy $250 worth of gift cards, you’ll earn 1000 points, which would save you $1 off per gallon of gas!  I know $250 can sound like a lot, but with the plethora of gift cards available, it’s easier than you think.  For example:

$50 to GameStop for the hard to shop for teen boy
$25 to Starbucks for your kid’s teacher
$25 to Fandango and $25 to Applebee’s and a note to watch the baby to new parents
$25 to iTunes & new headphones to your teen angsty daughter
$25 to Bath & Body Works for stocking stuffers
$25 to Amazon for the Kindle user for new books
and then use that last $50 for a gift card to somewhere for yourself, to stick in your stocking and use to take advantage of the after Christmas sales.  I’m thinking Michaels.

Another great way to stack the savings for those of you who plan on Black Friday shopping would be to buy gift cards for the stores you plan on hitting up for the sales.  If you know you’ll be camping out in front of Best Buy, why not grab a gift card and get the 4x fuel points?  And don’t forget the rewards you earn with some cards like cash back or miles too!

So who else is going gift card shopping before they go shopping??

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*All gift cards included EXCEPT: Kroger gift cards, open loop gift cards (like MasterCard), prepaid debit cards & wireless cards

Tiny Fans and the Cuteness Factor

Sports fans around the world wear team gear to support their favorites. For some, it’s just a team jersey but others choose to select a specific player’s jersey to purchase. Having a favorite player on a team shows devotion and stronger fan loyalty. Serious fans even make sure the newborn family member has the proper gear for game day. Being a sports fan is a lifestyle.

Teaching Team Support Early

Even though the baby isn’t going to understand how a game is played, or what a game even is, they will respond to excitement and disappointment. As their little brains develop, and they grow older, they will understand how the game works. Including the baby at an early age helps teach them at an early age what team support is and why fans are important for a team’s success. When the baby reacts to his or her parents’ happy reaction, cutely captioned photos tend to appear on social media outlets.

Team Gear for Each Sports Season

Some families watch and support multiple sports. Many of these seasons overlap. Sometimes, two events are on at the same time. This is common between NASCAR and the NFL. Super fans may attempt to combine support with an NFL baby onesie and a NASCAR beanie cap for extra luck.

Taking Baby to a Home Game

When you plan to take the baby to a sporting event, it is important to be prepared. The baby should have ear muffs or other protection so that the noise does not damage their sensitive ears. It is also important to have sunscreen, eye protection and a couple of changes of clothes. Babies cannot handle exposure to the weather like teens and adults can. They have to be more protected, even if it does take away some of the cuteness factor of their attire.

Babies that grow up in a sports fan household often follow in the family’s support for a specific team as they age. When children hear about exciting sports games that get their parents fired up, they get excited to watch that team. Die-hard fans often pass down their baby jersey onesie to their own children to instill the same love for a team in them.


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Monday Stuff.

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What’s so unique about your baby? *Giveaway*


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I think I was dumped. #streamteam

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