Educational Conundrum

Last year, Ryan had an aide who followed him around all day, and basically did his work for him.  We didn’t know it at the time, as she was supposed to be helping him when he couldn’t see the board and stuff.  But it seems as if she was helping too much.  Last year, when he’d come home to do his homework, he wouldn’t even want to write his name on the top of his homework, saying he needed help.

At the beginning of this year, when they evaluated him, he was so far behind.  He only could recognize 7 letters.  He was basically going into first grade as a child who hadn’t had any schooling.  The school helped set up a plan to get him caught up, in addition to learning braille.

This year, he’s made amazing progress, and absolutely LOVES school and his teachers.  He’s very positive and happy, and enjoys learning.  He doesn’t see needing extra help as a negative situation at all, and likes to go to his special classes.  He’s definitely thriving.

However, he’s not yet caught up to where he should be, which leads to my conundrum.  They are discussing retention, and I’m not sure how I feel about it.  I’m totally on the fence right now.

Part of me says do it now, while he’s so young.  I would hate to see him struggle and fall even more behind.  I don’t have an issue with keeping a child back who needs it, but here comes my dilemma.

He’s a twin.

If he were a singleton, it’d be so much easier.  But I’m afraid if I hold him back, he’ll lose his self-confidence.  He’ll wonder why Dylan gets to go to second grade and he doesn’t.  I don’t want him to lose his love of learning, and hate me later on when Dylan graduates a year earlier.

At the meeting today, we touched on this… but it was really to renew his IEP for next year.  I did raise the concerns I have and asked a few questions.  I wanted to know if they think it’d be possible for him to catch up fully by the end of next year, if he goes on to second grade.  His teachers and the principal are going to discuss it further.

I think I’d rather give him the chance to continue to work hard and be so positive about it all, and if he’s still behind, hold him back next year.

What would you do?


Isn’t his hair amazing?

Finding My Tribe

12742714_1074399689249772_7612827714776254746_nAs an adult, I struggle with friendships.  I am a homebody, so it’s not my nature to put myself out there, or be in situations where it’s easy to meet people.  In NJ, I had a few people that I’d met years ago on a message board, so that was pretty awesome.  I am still kicking myself for not spending more time with them while I was there, because they seem to get me, and I really enjoyed the time I was able to spend with them.

I had high hopes for this move to SC though.  I had hoped that I’d be able to avoid the whole first impression part of meeting people in that I knew some ladies that lived here.  Between blogging, Jamberry, and message boards, I’d vowed to be more social with them and force myself out of my comfort zone and not bail on plans.  I had my fingers crossed that it would also benefit my business.  But, I’ve been here since August and have yet to do anything in person with the people I knew before the move.

I was really upset about it for awhile.  I had thought I put myself out there, letting them know I was open to meeting for coffee at any time, since I had no other plans.  I was willing to work around their lives because I don’t work and all.  I am uncomfortable with putting myself out there, and it makes me feel pushy to keep asking if someone wants to hang out with me.  I feel like I’m begging for friendship.  I know that the whole thing is probably a lot of my own issues.

Not long after we moved here, I got sucked into the wide world of planners.  With it, came my desire to learn about the different styles and accessories, and my research lead to a local planners group on Facebook.  I joined it and discovered that they meet at the mall every other week for lunch, and I thought I’d check them out.  Since they meet in the food court, I could go with Bacon and see if they looked friendly.

It turns out that the were VERY friendly, and totally my type of people.  The usual gang is a mix of ages and relationship statuses.  There are kids (and grandkids!) of all ages.  Everyone is from different backgrounds, yet it all works.  These ladies have become my tribe, my adult conversation, my friends.  I’m so happy to have found them.  If you’d told me before we moved here, that I’d end up hanging out with people I met because of planning, I think I’d have looked at you like you were crazy.

Today’s planner meet up day, yay!

Half Full


When we lost Raime, I remember thinking that I knew what sucked about the situation, that much was obvious.  I instead decided to try to find the good and positive in what happened.  I had an amazing nurse.  It brought Aaron and I super close together.  We wouldn’t have had Lili, etc. I try really […]

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Stuff goes missing in our house all the time.  I don’t know if it’s actually lost, or if it gets confiscated by one of the kids, but I can never find what I know we have.  There’s the typical single socks, but that’s such a common issue and my kids are just resigned to wearing […]

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#ZestFruitboost Shower Gel!


The following is a sponsored post, although all opinions are my own. I’m sure you all know the jingle from the commercials, ‘Zestfully Clean’. Well, recently, Zest has released a new modern line, the Zest Fruitboost collection! These shower gels are available in Citrus Splash, Very Berry, Peach & Mango, and Pomegranate Acai scents and […]

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Making a Murderer


People everywhere are talking about the documentary series, Making a Murderer, so of course I had to check it out.  I watched half of the first episode with Lili a few days ago, and she wasn’t interested, so I put it aside and started it back up later when she went to bed.  I’m currently […]

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