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Creative Galaxy is Out of this World!


We watch a lot of TV here.  Probably more than we should.  Despite that, I’m pretty particular about what my kids watch- if I can’t stand it, they don’t see it.  I have to be able to sit through it too because our TV is in the living room, where I am.  There are some shows that they like, but the annoying voices just make me nuts!  So if I find a show that they love, I don’t mind watching, AND it has educational value, I feel like I’ve won the lottery.

Creative Galaxy is just the kind of show that hits the jackpot.  We watched it through Amazon Prime Instant Video, so I pulled it up on the TV through our Roku when there wasn’t anything else on that the kids and I agreed on watching.  5357c027eb2b27f4e96c9ff874623df5

The first thing I noticed about the show is that the characters, despite being aliens, have real voices, not squeaky, high pitched or babyish.  The colors and animations are pleasing, and I like that the backgrounds are simple- it’s easier for Ryan to see.  When I paused the show so the twins could eat dinner, they both were asking about watching the rest as soon as they were done eating.

We talked about the show during our meal.  Ryan said he really liked the alien people, and Dylan said he likes artists, because they paint.  They both mentioned that they loved that the mom was a ‘construction site girl’ because according to them, it’s a really cool job.


Creative Galaxy is produced by some of the same people who did Blue’s Clues and Super Why!, so it’s no shock that it captivates and entertains my kids.  The main character, Arty the alien, travels around collecting items for his idea box like stickers and construction paper, and  inspiring kids to create their own art.  At the end of each episode, the animation gives way to a live-action piece where they create the art project.

I really like that this is a kids series that focuses on art.  So many shows focus on the core subjects, and with funding down and all of that, I feel it’s really important to keep art alive for our little ones.  When the episode was over, they immediately wanted me to dig out the glue and get creative.  Dylan ran into the other room and came back with the sticks from a hot glue gun and tracks from his train.  In the end, Ryan decided to build his house out of Legos while Dylan drew a space ship.  Then Mia and Bacon came over to join them, and the four of them created until it was bedtime!


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