Summer Stuff #streamteam

Summer is in full swing here and we are in the middle of our epic move.  Sort of.  We’re still in NJ packing and sorting and throwing away, which is oh so much fun with all these kids underfoot.  Also?  We have yet to find an apartment in SC to tide us over until we get housing in December.  So there’s that.


The obligatory annual Old Navy Flag Tee 4th of July photo.

Because of the move, we haven’t been doing much by way of summer fun.  We didn’t get season passes to Six Flags like in the past, and I know the twins are getting bored of our back yard.  They’re about out of sand in the sandbox (I have no idea where it went) and it’d be silly to refill it now.

We were surprised the other day though by Netflix with a big box full of How to Train Your Dragon stuff.  It was awesome, just what we needed!  I just love being a member of the Stream Team!  It came the day after we let the kids watch several episodes of the new Netflix original series Dragons: Race to the Edge, and they were thrilled.  They had spent the morning playing ‘dragons’ so when the package arrived, they loved having actual toys and props to use.

Dragons: Race to the Edge is an animated series based on the How to Train Your Dragons characters that your kids already know and love. You can watch the 2nd movie on Netflix, or you can check out a sneak peek of the new series here:




And we’re off…

We’re super close to the end of Aaron’s military career now, and it’s been chaotic around here as we try to figure out where life is taking us next.  We knew we wanted to go back south, but weren’t sure how far we were willing to go because of my family in NY and Ryan’s appointments in Philly.

Of course, the biggest influence with our decision was based on where Aaron got a job.  We’ll have his retirement, but that’s not enough to live on.  We focused our searches around military bases, so we can continue to take advantage of the commissary and other privileges.  It was getting down to to the wire, and we just needed to pick a place, and one day I blurted out Charleston, SC so we focused our efforts there.

I’ve never been there.  I’m not entirely sure why it even came out of my mouth.  But once it was in our heads, we couldn’t get it out and pretty much settled on it as our location.  And once we learned that there’s an Air Force base there, and that we could live in the housing, it basically sealed the deal.

Aaron has been checking out jobs in the area, and last week went down to interview with the railroad.  Aaron’s terminal leave starts soon, and we’ll be heading south later this summer.  The packers are coming at the end of July, and we’re on the wait list for housing.  Since we don’t expect to be in base housing until close to Christmas, we’ll probably put the majority of our stuff in storage and just rent a little apartment and only bring our necessities.  Should be nice and cozy.

I’m excited to start over somewhere new.  At first I was a little wary about the distance, but with two out of my three big boys driving and Ryan’s appointments going to every 5-6 months instead of 3-4, it’s totally do-able.

So, who lives near Charleston?

Type B


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Scattered Thoughts


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