Thank Blog for Netflix!

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You’ve probably heard of this little storm we’re having down here in South Carolina.  School was canceled on Friday and again today.  We’ve already received a call that it’s canceled for tomorrow too.  My kids are getting an unscheduled five day fall break…

We haven’t gone anywhere, so I don’t know how bad the roads are around our house, but by just looking out the windows it appears fine.  Aaron worked on Friday,  and had the weekend off.  He was supposed to go back in tonight at 11, but they just called and said Tuesday night because of flooding.

Normally I don’t mind when the kids don’t have school. I almost prefer it, because they give Bacon someone to play with.  But since I can’t send the outside, everyone’s going a little stir crazy.

This is why I’m so thankful for Netflix!  If there’s ever been a reason to binge watch some shows, it’s now.  My current pick is Haven.  I’m not sure how I never heard of this before, but I started watching it and I’m sucked in.  Then I found out it is loosely based on a Stephen King novel, The Colorado Kid.  I’ve read almost everything he’s written- except that.  So of course I promptly grabbed it for my Kindle.  I’ll let you know how it is if I can stop watching the show.

But binge watching once the kids are in bed is hardly unusual for me- however, letting them binge watch stuff all day long is not as common.  With all the rain making them stir crazy, I owe my sanity to Rescue Bots, a favorite of both the twins and Bacon.  They also keep watching How to Train Your Dragon- both the movie and the show- Race to the Edge.

We’re really lucky that our biggest concern is whether or not the rain will let up before we run out of milk, or maybe that our mail is delayed.  We have plenty of food and haven’t lost power.  No water is leaking into our house or anything like that.  The kids will just have to make up a few days of school, no big deal.

Is anyone else local reading?  Are you OK?

Hair. Ugh.

Yesterday, while the twins and Mia were in the living room watching TV, Ryan decided to trim his hair. It’s wispy and some was sticking up, and he wanted it flat. I still don’t know how he managed to do it without Mia noticing, he was sitting two feet in front of her, between her and the TV.  Grrr.

It wasn’t too big of a deal, aside from the fact we don’t have clippers and it was Sunday and by the time Aaron was home, most places that cut hair were closed.  So I ran to Walmart, bought a pair of $20 clippers and he’s good to go now.

I know it’s common for kids to do this- Dylan did it right before he started preschool.  Ryan doesn’t remember that though.  I told him to just ASK for a haircut, I have no problems with them having super short hair if that’s what they want.

So Ryan’s hair is fixed and fine, he’s got a buzz cut now.  When we had the clippers out last night, I asked Bacon if he wanted a hair cut and he said no.  I’d be sad to see his curls go, but his standard answer is no to that question, and has been since he could talk.

We went through the whole ‘don’t touch the scissors, only on paper’ talk with the kids, and I figured we were done.  I put up scissors Ryan had used, which he got out of my stuff I use to cut the sheets of Jamberry.  I thought it was over.

Surprise- it wasn’t.  Of course it wasn’t.

Today while the kids were at school, Bacon was playing nicely down the hall.  He normally is very vocal, making sound effects and singing, and as long as I hear him playing, I let him entertain himself.  And then he came out with a handful of hair.  Apparently found Mia’s school scissors in her room.

Now I have to decide if I should suck it up and cut off his curls, or let him have a mullet.


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