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Unbreakable! #KimmySchmidt #StreamTeam

As you guys know, I am a member of the Netflix Stream Team, which is an awesome excuse to binge watch shows.  Sorry honey, gotta watch every season ever of this long-running TV show- it’s for a blog post!  I’ve been really enjoying the shows produced by Netflix recently- I know I professed my love for Orange is the New Black before I was a Stream Team member, and I’m currently working my way through House of Cards.

So when I received an email about a sneak peek for a new comedy from Tina Fey called Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, I didn’t hesitate to click on the link to the trailer.  That video was hysterical, and I was intrigued by the premise.  So I watched the first episode.  And the second… and well, now I am impatiently waiting for next season.

The show is a comedy- I mean, hello, Tina Fey, Jane Krakowski?  But the whole unbreakable part is what really resonates with me.  I adore Kimmy’s positive attitude.  Locking her in an underground bunker for 15 years couldn’t even bring her down.  Her optimistic view of life is something to strive towards, and something I try to emulate.

I’d like to think I’m pretty tough.  Not in the physical sense, but emotionally like Kimmy.  When Raime was stillborn, I felt like I had two options- I could curl up in a ball and feel sorry for myself and dwell on what should have been, or I could try to find the good in what was obviously a lousy situation.  It’s easy to see what is negative- the rude nurse, having to plan your baby’s funeral, etc.  What’s not so easy is to find the positive, but that is what I chose to focus on.

Instead of filing a complaint about the nurse that couldn’t be bothered to check Raime’s heartbeat because she wasn’t going to survive anyway, I wrote a letter to the hospital about the wonderful nurse.  I let them know how much it meant to me that she took care of not only me, but my husband as well making sure he ate and showered.  If it weren’t for her, he might not have left my bedside that week to do those things.  She explained things to us, cried with us, and was just amazing.

Since then, I’ve made it a point to pull myself out of negative and destructive thinking if I feel myself heading that way.  It seems like a simple thing, but I swear it makes a huge difference in my happiness.  And when Mama’s happy, everyone’s happy.

How are you unbreakable?

Sunday Funday Insta-Dump


It’s been awhile, hasn’t it??  I thought I’d share some recent happenings around here in an instagram photo dump.                                            

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Mako Mermaids #StreamTeam


I am part of the Netflix Stream Team, although all binge watching is purely for my own enjoyment. Netflix has their own shows- which are pretty awesome.  Unless you’ve been living under a rock, I’m sure you’ve heard of Orange is the New Black and House of Cards.  I know I have loved the Netflix […]

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Mom Wars

Same story, different topic.  Whether it’s the battle of breast vs bottle, cloth vs disposables, or home school vs public, it seems that moms always have something to criticize other moms about.  Lately, with all the measles talk in the news, it’s those who are pro-vaccination vs the non-vaxxers. I get it.  There are scary […]

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I’ll be watching you…


This post is brought to you by VTech and Motherhood. All opinions are my own. When Ethan was a baby, we never really needed a baby monitor.  We lived in a small, one bedroom apartment, so we were never far from each other.  Over the years, as our family has grown, our house has had […]

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