The Chaos that is a Large Family

5b6488aa9e0d35e97bf909c61d82d8781.  Yes, we know what causes it.  We did it on purpose.  We wanted this many kids.  No, we’re not Catholic.  Yes, we have a TV.  Yes, our hands are full.  Yes, they’re all mine.

2. Our kids are rarely ever bored.  They always have someone to play with, and with large families, there’s always housework to be done if they start whining to me about having nothing to do.

3.  You either need to hide your favorite foods, or eat it the day it comes home from the grocery store- otherwise someone else will.


4.  Our house is loud and messy at all times.  And we don’t even notice it anymore.  Sometimes, my kids will have friends over and I don’t even realize it.

5. If it’s available in bulk or industrial size- we buy it.  The sheer amount of toilet paper we go through alone is overwhelming.  When something comes in family size- we need at least two.

6.  When you’re in the shower, it’s not a big deal if someone else comes in to pee or brush their teeth.  In fact, no one even locks the bathroom door just in case someone else does need something.

7.  The oldest child is often mistaken for the baby’s parent.

8.  It’s not uncommon to have to run the dishwasher more than once a day- and each day easily produces at least a load of laundry.


9.  Running errands with only two or three kids feels like a break.  Eating out with that many seems cheap.  Heading out somewhere with no kids is awkward and it’s like you forgot something important.  And the silence is just weird.

10.  And in comparison, eating out with the whole family is quite a production.  It usually requires the restaurant to rearrange all the tables.

11.  The kids answer to any of the siblings names because you rarely get the right one out on the first try.  It’s gotten to the point here where we just start calling names that don’t even belong to anyone in the house.

 12.  Kids get color coded- from cups to clothes, it just makes life a tiny bit easier.

How To Organize Your Workshop Simply

The organization of a workshop can take on many forms. There are craftsmen who have a great deal of room in their shop, but there are other craftsmen who have a small shop they must organize as much as possible. Craftsmen should read more about top chests for toolboxes. These top chests provide the worker with more room in their shop, but they still get the incredible organizational power of quality tool chests.

Around The Room

A small shop that uses only top chests can utilize the top of each workbench as a place to put the tools. The top chests that are used in this setup look just like the toolboxes that are used in much larger shops, but these top chests are much shorter. However, the user can still label the chests, line them up as they like and keep as many of them as they like.

The Labeling

Labeling the chests should happen on the inside and the outside of the chest. The use of these chests must be considered when they are placed on top of the workbenches. The labels should be easy to read, and the highest drawers must be labeled on the inside so that each tool can be found quickly.

The System

Many people will purchase several of these chests, but they must make sure they are lined up properly. Each chest is rated by its height, and the owner should make sure they get several chests that are all the same size. When these chests are all lined up along the workbench, the worker can make their shop look as organized as possible.

The Strength

These tool chests are not going to break down when they are smashed into during the course of the work. Most people are going to knock into their chests from time to time, but these chests are made of hard steel that will not falter under pressure.

When people want to purchase the best toolboxes for their shop, they must make sure they get short top chests for their small room. These chests can be lined up and organized just like larger chests in a bigger room.

Workshop Organization on Pinterest

Workshop Organization on Pinterest

The Class Project

I have a spare kid.  One of Ethan’s friends spends a lot of time here, and we all love him, so I think of him as one of my own.  He had a class project to do recently, and enlisted Ethan’s help.  When he showed it to me, I died.  It’s the funniest thing ever.  […]

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Sh!t My Kids Say.

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Bacon of the Month Club: 21


This hair of his… it’s getting out of control.  I don’t want to cut it because then his curls will be gone, but it’s at this crappy length where it’s directly in his eyes right now.  He doesn’t seem to be phased by it though.  I don’t want to just trim the bangs either, because […]

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Fall Foods


It’s officially everything pumpkin season, so that means I’ve been stocking up on my favorite fall flavor.  Of course the first thing I hit up was Dunkin’ Donuts for their coffee and donuts.  I like the pumpkin donuts and LOVE the coffee.  Iced, hot, either way.  Their pumpkin pie donuts are OK, a little sweet.  […]

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