Sometimes people ask the strangest questions. Other times, the questions are totally legit, but the possibilities of other, less appropriate answers make me laugh. I can’t imagine how families of high-order multiples get anything done, it’s like a circus side show where ever we go and we only have the twins! People always stop us and want to see the boys and ask questions. I didn’t think having twins was that fascinating or rare in this day and age. I am sure some of the more seasoned parents of multiples have heard even more than we have… and I’m wondering- does this all lessen as the babies grow up?

  • Are they twins? Um yes? But seriously, could you give me another option so I have a witty answer to provide other dorks like you? Because what else would they be? Am I missing some logical answer in my sleep deprivation?
  • Both boys? No, one’s a girl, we just dress her in identical masculine looking clothes to her brother so she’ll be tough when she grows up.
  • Are they identical? Nope, and totally a reasonable question unless it’s coming from someone who thinks one is a boy and one is a girl.
  • You have your hands full! Duh. Seriously.
  • What are their names? Pete & Repeat. A & B. One & Two. Why don’t you care about our other kids’ names?
  • How old are they? This one boggles my mind, because they never look ‘just right’. They are always either so big for their age or so teeny.
  • Which one is older? The little one. No really. I don’t care if it ‘looks’ like Dylan should be older, he came out second.
  • Which one is the good one? Really? Because it’s so healthy to label your kids and calling one bad from day one won’t give them a complex at all.
  • Were they a c-section? Does it matter? How exactly does that affect YOU? They’re here. And if they weren’t a c-section, would you want to hear all about my vagina and how they came out of it?
  • Did you know you were having two? Yes. I know there are those shows about how people don’t even know they’re pregnant, but I am not one of those people, and I had tons and tons of ultrasounds.
  • Do they sleep at night? HA!
  • How much do they weigh? Currently about 14 (Ryan) and 15 (Dylan) pounds.
  • How big were they at birth? Ryan was 3 lbs 10 oz and Dylan was 4 lbs 7 oz
  • Double trouble!! Nosy Josie!
  • Are you having more? Really now, are my reproductive organs or my husband’s anyone’s business but our own? (I feel like there are too many apostrophes there…)
  • Do twins run in your family? Not really, but they had to start somewhere, right? Which inevitably leads to…
  • Did you use fertility drugs? Um, not your business, and really, unless our doctor knows the Octomom, do you think someone would prescribe fertility meds to someone who has this many kids already? I guess it’s possible, but I really know nothing about the process.
  • I know a guy who had twins… ZOMG ME TOO! I MARRIED HIM! Of course, that was before he had twins…


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    LOL. My sister always gets questions like this with her twins.

  2. 2

    my sister gets all that too.

  3. 3

    This was one of my favorite posts. Love the stupidity of strangers!

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    Stephanie Melski says:

    I would never in my wildest dreams think of going up to someone and asking them these things. Some people are so friggen odd.

    I would ask things like “how old are they?” I might ask what their names are, but I just like to address kids by their names, since you know they are people too hahaha

  5. 5

    True dat. ALL of dat.

    People are so obnoxious–being pregnant in the third trimester with twins, and then having live twins in view of the public, are exercises in patience the likes of which I’d never experienced. Oy vey.