Sometimes I wonder
if I take too many pictures
of the kids
but then I remember
that pictures are the only thing
we have to remember
Raime, Elora, and Connor
and how there can never
be too many pictures
when someone you love
is gone.


  1. 1

    I love them and if you scroll those fast enough they actually appear to be swinging! hehe

  2. 2
    christine says:

    They totally look like they are swinging! You take such great pics! Do you love your new camera? would you buy it again? I want a good one, was looking at sams today when I was there. I am now on a mission to save enough money by christmas to get one!

  3. 3

    oh Jayme, there can never be enough pictures. My pictures are truly my most prized possession. I have over 10,000 pictures in my iphoto library. Your beautiful angels will never be forgotten. I still remember the first time I read your livejournal was when Elora was first born and I remember seeing the pictures of her and how feisty she was.

    I love the outfits the boys are wearing!