It’s a Tough Job (Wordless Wednesday. With Words.)

It’s a tough job getting two almost one year olds to sit still and pose nicely so I can take pics of them for product reviews and giveaways.

That’s not to say I don’t get great pics of my kids- it’s just that when I need the photo to feature something… like say the fronts of their shirts… they don’t always cooperate.

They have these awesome smiles and gorgeous blue eyes- but it seems like the only time I can get them to both smile and look at me is when they’re naked or messy.

The girls love to help me. Mia stands behind me and makes noises and faces and jumps around to get their attention focused in the right direction. It sometimes helps.

And Lili helps me by picking them up and putting them back where I tried to sit them… but sometimes… nothing works and we all end up giggling and chasing babies.

You never know what photos you’re going to get when you just go with it and see what happens.


  1. 1

    LOL too cute love Lily’s Skirt Very pretty
    .-= Night owl mama´s last blog ..WW: Who Wants Autograph’s of a Future Nascar Driver? =-.

  2. 2

    The Tater Twins are the cutest babies ever!!! I have to know where you got your daughter’s skirt

    • 3

      I ordered two of them for the girls two summers ago for when Aaron came back from a deployment… I have no idea from where. They used to have pretty red ribbon bows on the waist LOL

  3. 4

    Awwwww…..but now I miss Lili!

  4. 5

    I love these kinds of pics, because in the future when the kids are all grown you can look back at them and it will bring this exact memory to your mind.
    .-= Stephanie Melski (anglbabysteph)´s last blog ..The Months Fly By =-.

  5. 6

    I love these pics! And your older daughter’s skirt is so cute.
    .-= Crystal @ Simply Being Mommy´s last blog ..What’s New and Delicious from Kraft Gift Basket Giveaway =-.

  6. 7

    Those boys are all kinds of cute, and so is your daughter! I hope you eventually got the shot…or a couple of shots you can Photoshop together LOL

  7. 8

    they are some gorgeous kiddos, loving her skirt!

  8. 9

    Oh I love these! Especially the second one!
    .-= Mandi´s last blog ..Wordless Wednesday – Boys & Their Toys =-.

  9. 10

    First, I LOVE her frilly petti skirt! Where did you get that? And also, wow those are such fun pictures. They capture the moment perfectly. You really do go through 123,345,345 photos before you get a fab one with both sitting and looking the same direction don’t you? LOL fun times!
    .-= Annie @ Mama Dweeb´s last blog ..Shrek Forever After Game for Wii review =-.

    • 11

      I bought the skirt a couple years ago for a deployment homecoming & have no idea where, I remember googling patriotic pettiskirts though LOL

  10. 12

    You are so right! It can be difficult. Your kids are so adorable and I love your daughter’s pettiskirt! 🙂

  11. 13

    Those necklaces are darling. I love how they laugh at each other in “almost” passing. These kids rock.
    .-= Pamela @ 2 much testosterone´s last blog ..Wordless {Wordful} Wednesday – – Beer {Wine} of the Week =-.

  12. 14

    I think these are awesome, not really good for product review, but they do show how comfy the kids are. haha
    .-= jamie´s last blog ..No Feed Key Found =-.

  13. 15

    Great post – how many kids you got, I think I counted 8 in your description

  14. 17

    but it’s WORDLESS wednesday, missy. :]

    i, too, LOVE that skirt. so cool!
    .-= c.c.´s last blog ..project: the second =-.

  15. 19

    your kids are too cute.

  16. 20

    Love your daughter’s skirt.

    Love love love.
    .-= Megan (Best of Fates)´s last blog ..Pirogies, Also Known as Polish Dumplings, Also Known as Harder to Make Than You’d Think =-.

  17. 21

    Darn. Just read your above comment… was going to ask about the skirt as well.

    LOL about the boys. I have to tell you, when they turn 3, they will love looking at the camera, but while making silly faces. UGH
    .-= debi9kids´s last blog ..Four Years Later, We Arrived in Chicago =-.

  18. 23

    Oh I can so relate. My boys are just now starting to crawl and they are EVERYWHERE! I tried to get some pictures of them yesterday and out of 20, only one was what I was looking for. Oh well, the outtakes are usually better anyway. These pictures are so cute and I LOVE the title of this post. It made me laugh! 🙂
    .-= Sonora´s last blog ..Being a grown up is overrated =-.

  19. 25

    Those front of shirt product review shots always require a million takes at our house too! Your photos made me laugh . . . what cuties!
    .-= Nicole´s last blog ..My Melodramatic Son -Wordless Wednesday =-.

  20. 27

    No matter what, the photos are adorable! Even if it takes 100 to get a good one for the review, at least you’re having fun. They are such cuties!
    .-= Staci A´s last blog ..Wordless Wednesday: Summer Day 2 =-.

  21. 29

    Regardless of the shots you get your kiddos are cutties.

    Happy WW!

  22. 31

    they certainly are enjoying the photo shoot! esp love the last one, it looks like the boys are sharing a ‘secret” laugh at mommys expense! LOL! Your girls are just as adorable 🙂

  23. 33

    You know we know they’re all cute 😉 This is just further proof. Particularly love the last shot – looks like a swanky photographer took that one hon!

  24. 35

    Oh, so cute!!!

  25. 37


  26. 38

    Oh man, even with one it’s not so easy. Used to be – I had all of these gorgeous smiley pictures. Then suddenly the Babby realized she didn’t need to smile and furthermore, wanted to not be sitting still for the camera. Now I have all these blurred shots of her mugging a supermodel scowl.

  27. 39

    Your pictures are just beautiful, even with your models out of position!