Megan from Best of Fates does the best excited face ever.  If you haven’t read her blog, you should.  I find her highly amusing and very entertaining.  And I’m not just saying that because she’s paying me.

So last night, when we attended a going away party for one of the Marines that Aaron works with, and I captured this photo, the first thought to spring into my head was ‘OMG Paul (that’s the dude’s name) has an excited face, just like Megan-Best-of-Fates.

Megan-Best-of-Fates is her full name, and I used the whole thing during my internal conversation because there was a girl named Tori at the party that this guy named Josh kept calling Megan, and she was not the same Megan as Megan-Best-of-Fates.  She is Tori-Megan-according-to-Josh.

Paul is quite good with kids- he’s got a bunch of younger siblings.  And if you give him a bowl of Hamburger Helper, he will babysit your children so you and your husband can go out to dinner.  If you have a husband.  And kids.  And of course Hamburger Helper.  Pretty sweet deal, if all those pieces fall into place though, eh?

He and Ryan Wii’ed for a bit, between games of Beer Pong.  For the record, Ryan did not participate in the Beer Pong.   He’s too short to reach the table.   Such a shame, really.

Dylan likes the little cups.  Kids seem to be drawn to miniature things- probably because they’re miniature themselves.  Don’t worry, any and all inappropriate beverages were consumed by people old enough to do the consuming.  Even though Mia really wanted to have a little cup instead of her big one.

While the title of this post is ‘Excited!’, I am not.  I am not the least bit excited that Paul is leaving, even though he’s excited to PCS out of this town.  But we like him, so we don’t want to see him go.  So goes the transient life of a service member.  At least we’ll always have World of Warcraft…


  1. 1

    Hehehe, awesome post!

  2. 2

    We just received orders to Hawaii for March. . . This is our first military move. And I am not looking forward to saying good-bye to the other military families we’ve met, as well as my family, friends and hometown!! But, I knew it would come to this one of these days soon.

    So sorry your friend is leaving!

  3. 4

    I like Excited Face!! 🙂 Bummer that he has to leave – hard to leave friends or have them leave. And how adorable that he will babysit?

  4. 5

    I just realized that though I tweeted out this post I never commented, which is tragic, as THIS POST IS EPIC AND I LOVE IT.

    And it’s made me realize that excited face MUST take over the world.

    Now to plot…


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