You know you’re a military family when…

You know you’re a military family when:

  • your kids think camo is a color.
  • each of your kids at one point during toddler hood ran up to a stranger in cammies, hugged his leg and called him ‘Daddy’.
  • you know off the top of your head how many pounds of household goods you own.
  • all of your kids were born in different states.
  • everyone in your house speaks in acronyms.
  • your husband irons better (and more often!) than you do.
  • the phone rings for your husband and when you answer it, the caller asks to speak to Staff Sergeant and not Aaron.
  • you get into an argument with your spouse about when you purchased a piece of furniture and to prove you’re right, you flip it over and count the moving stickers.
  • the kids are playing store and show each other pretend IDs just to enter and shop.
  • you never fully unpack.  There’s always a few moving boxes in closets, garages, etc.
  • you go to a barbeque with the people your husband works with and someone busts out the airsoft guns.



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    That’s so funny!

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    That’s funny! Thank you for all your family does!

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    The photo should be titled “Pink Girl with Gun”.

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    LOL I love the household goods in lbs! Please explain that one!

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      When you move, depending on your rank, you’re allowed XX amount of household goods – if you go over that, you pay the difference. So if you know you were close to your limit last time, and your husband hasn’t gotten promoted, yet you bought more stuff, you’re screwed LOL