Friday Morning.

You know what makes me really sad?  With the cable and internet out, my DVR isn’t recording anything and I won’t be able to catch up on my shows unless I watch them online.  I hate watching stuff online because I generally have the TV on while I’m getting stuff done for the blog or whatever, so it’s multitasking.  But if I need my computer to actually watch the show, I can’t get other things done.

Speaking of getting things done, I went to Barnes & Noble again last night to try to do some work online and took Lili and her netbook with me.  I figured she could entertain herself- but that didn’t happen.  She kept needing help and I was getting so frustrated with both of our computers.  The netbook kept having this bizarre error pop up and I couldn’t get my PDF to Word converter to work.  Finally I told her to go find a book and read so I could concentrate on just one thing at a time.

I did manage to finish the slideshow in my last post, so that was good.  I have another one I need to work on now.

Before Lili and I went to Barnes & Noble, we all went to dinner.  Ryan ate this whole bowl of salsa and Aaron had a burrito the size of his head.  We really need to get groceries because we are out of so much stuff.  I had grabbed bananas at Sam’s yesterday, but that was about it as far as food went.  I didn’t get anything because I hadn’t made a list or gone through my coupons.  Plus I knew we weren’t going right home so I didn’t want to get anything like milk (which we desperately need).

Which reminds me- I wasn’t able to get the paper on Sunday thanks to Irene… did I miss any good coupons?

Right now Ryan is dragging around a bag from The Children’s Place- I’d found the boys some of the light weight feetie pajamas on clearance the other day and hadn’t put them up in their room yet since they don’t need them right now.  He’s so funny  pretending to shop!  He is sitting next to me, emptying the bag one item at a time and declaring each one ‘cuuuuute!’.  Dylan on the other hand is unfolding a pile of clothes that were just folded and waiting to be put away.  So helpful- must go stop that!