Fashion Chat: Rompers

Rompers are super cute.  IF you’re two years old or younger.  After that, they start to seem ridiculous.  This summer while shopping, I noticed more and more stores carrying them not just in my girls sizes, but in women’s as well.  I just don’t understand how anyone thinks these look good!

How is this flattering or sexy?  It’s just so… boxy.  I suppose if you pair it with bandals and a shrug, you’re the epitome of fashion.

Maybe you’re thinking that I’ve chosen a bad example.  That the print or cut is less than stellar.  So I give you the romper in a solid color, in different styles.  Is it any better?

You know if you’re not impressed with how it looks on a model, it’s just going to be hideous on a real-sized person, one with curves and body fat.  Yet, they are available in plus size as well.

I know I for one am glad that summer is coming to an end, because that means I no longer have to see adult rompers on the racks at stores, and I won’t be tempted to buy one and go out in public looking like this:

You’re welcome.


  1. 1

    Oh I love rompers! They’re too cute! I’m too short and stubby to rock one myself but I love buying them for my girls. 🙂
    brianne recently posted..i ♥ fall

  2. 2

    all right, this may just be me being on team fat girl – but I think they look better on the plus size model. I think you NEED to have some massive curves to compensate for the boxy look!

    Go team fat girls! :p
    Jenn [ Crippled Girl ] recently posted..Birthday Coffee

  3. 3

    And what about the bathroom issue? I for one, do not enjoy sitting down in just my bra while I try to keep said romper from touching the unclean floor!

  4. 5

    lol so true. I think I tried on once and was like wtf. never.

    BUT I know one girl who pulls it off every.single.time. I think she’s a 00

  5. 6

    I loved rompers when the girls were smaller, and I mourned (on a small level) having to take back some bubble suits I’d bought them for this summer when Baby A started wearing undies this spring. I was momentarily drawn to them at Tar.get [for the girls]…but then I thought about the bathroom issue. I don’t want to put any more obstacles between A and the potty! 😉
    MandyE recently posted..International Flair

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    jamie recently posted..wordless wednesday

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    I love rompers on little bitty girls, but I won’t even put them on my 7 & 8 year olds. I can just see them dropping them into the toilet every time they pull them down to pee. Thanks for the laugh!
    Brandi Elam recently posted..Jaxon at 7 months

  8. 10

    Oh wow, thankfully I missed seeing those
    Love{&}Bugs recently posted..Proud Mama Monday 9/26/11

  9. 11

    I actually love them – yes really. I don’t know how they’d look on me but I think they look cute in the pics 🙂
    Marcia (123 blog) recently posted..Never-ending personal admin

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    When I saw the photos I first thought you were in favor of those things. Glad I read what you had to say. I last wore a romper over 20 years ago and I swore, “never again”. The bathroom thing was a problem and not for the reason mentioned by Christine. I just had a hard time getting the top down when I was in a hurry. Then there’s the fact you can’t move your arms without them riding up in the crotch and at times actually hurting. Give me a top that I don’t have to remove to pee and moves independently from the bottom.
    Dee recently posted..Hip Girls Guide to Homemaking by Kate Payne

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    I totally rocked a light blue, terry cloth romper when I was 6. I’m pretty sure I wore it to my birthday party that year. I’m also pretty sure I had one in pink terry cloth, because I wore that to my brother’s birthday. And I sort of remember my mother sewing them for me. That was 33 years ago! Sometimes, things should just stay gone and buried. I saw adults wearing them a few times out this summer. One woman looked sort of cute, the other looked awful. It’s a trend I hope does not return next summer.

  12. 14

    My 15 year old wants a pair of these. She is stick thin, but I still don’t think it is a good look.
    Anne recently posted..Apple Stuffed Delictica Squash Recipe

  13. 15

    See, sometimes I’ll see them advertised and think they look cute, but that I can’t pull it off (or don’t want to…just thinking about the bathroom issues…) BUT, every time I’ve seen someone IRL wear one I’ve noticed, I don’t really think anyone can pull it off. They should really stick to the size 2T and under demographic.