To Do List: Home Decor Version

I find the best ideas on Pinterest.  There are so many cute home decorating ideas that I want to implement in this house.  I thought perhaps if I blogged them, I’d feel more obligated to actually do them… plus then Aaron will see what I’m talking about!  (Click them all to see the source)

I pin huge ideas that would require more money than we have, or perhaps owning the home… but these are the simple ones that I can do here in base housing, and put my own spin on them.


I’ve already bought the curtain rod, frames, and ribbons. I just haven’t decided where I want it or what photos. I purchased several different sized frames.


Re-purposed crib:


We have two cribs in our garage. I want to do this with one of them- but I’m thinking of making the top a wooden train table for the boys for now. I figure later on we can turn it into a desk, but right now they LOVE the trains at Barnes & Noble and I think it would be an awesome Christmas gift.


I want to do this in Lili’s room, with ribbons that are the colors of her bedding- or maybe even tulle and it will look like a window tutu.

And speaking of Lili’s room, I also want to make her a pinboard to put over her desk. Not blue like this, but I love the frame and bunting. I’d use browns and pinks to coordinate with her room.  I think I’d rather have fabric in it instead of the chicken wire.

Like this:


For the twins, I love these frames with the names inside over their beds.  I’d use boy fabrics to match their bedding though.


Both girls and the boys have bookcases in their rooms that don’t match anything. I’d love to repaint and do this with them to coordinate with their rooms.


This one I started as well. I bought the frame and the poster board to cut out the letters, but haven’t taken the photos yet. It was originally going to be Aaron’s birthday present, but his birthday was back in July… oops.


Alright- now I should feel held accountable since I made my plans public!


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    totally awesome stuff. i really want on of those frames with the chicken wire. i could put so much stuff on it.
    brandy recently posted..Monday Morning Randoms

  2. 2

    I saw the re-purposed crib and thought it was so cute! If I still had one, I would definitely do something like that, or the train table (awesome idea).

    • 3

      Maria, with the recall of drop side cribs many people are throwing them away. I would be willing to bet if you put a wanted ad on Craigslist or Freecycle someone would have one to give away.

  3. 4

    I love the bookshelf. I’ve been wanting to do something like that but I’m afraid of ruining it.
    Venassa recently posted..Creating your own favicon

  4. 6

    I need to do this. The only things I’ve managed to do off pinterest so far are recipes. I didn’t care for the Oreo treats but everyone else liked them except Mom. The 7-up biscuits are a definite keeper recipe, they are amazing. I have so many things I want to do, but now that I have the time I have no money – I’ll have to start with the stuff I can reuse from here, I guess!

  5. 7

    I love the picture frames hanging from the curtain rod! I know just where I would put it! Seriously about to go out and buy some stuff tomorrow!
    Maria recently posted..Another Monthly Gift!!

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    Gretchen in HB says:

    That re-purposed crib is AWESOME. We have Liam’s toddler bed/crib floating around debating if we should sell it or what, but I think this idea might be a winner.