RTT: Miscellaneous Snippets.

    • The girls have their holiday events at school this week, and they’ve split it up by grade.  They also split up the evening programs by grade, so Mia’s is 6:30 on Wednesday, and Lili’s is 6:30 on Thursday.  (I might have that backwards).  I’m not very happy about this- because it means I get to drag the kids out two nights in a row around dinner time… not to mention the fact that the school doesn’t allow strollers and I’ll have to chase the twins without help since Aaron works nights. I’m overwhelmed thinking about it.
    • Also on Thursday morning, we have a speech evaluation for the boys since Ryan’s oncologist isn’t happy with his lack of words.  I figured Dylan doesn’t really have any more than Ryan, so we may as well have them both seen at once.
    • Also also on Thursday?  Our 11 year wedding anniversary.

  • Dunkin Donuts now has gingerbread for their coffee.  I find it equally as yummy as the pumpkin, and have issues choosing.  First world problems, right?
  • These twins won’t let anyone shower without them. They cry at the door if you try to lock them out. The other day they took three showers because they strip and hop in with whoever is in the bathroom.
  • We got our four children all dressed and ready to visit Santa this a few nights ago, and we arrived at the mall after dinner around 7 knowing that his hours are until 8. By the time we wandered over, it was about 7:30 and the ropes were up and they wouldn’t allow our children to get on the line. I was so mad! The mall doesn’t close until 9, but I can understand stopping the line at 8 to ensure you can get through all the waiting children, however, if he’s done at 7:30, then that should be stated on the hours.  So the kids never got to see Santa or get the annual photo done.

What have you been up to lately?  Can you believe how close it is to Christmas??



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    Your anniversary is on my birthday! Yay! Happy Anniversary!! :)

    That would piss me off about the Santa thing!
    Jenn [ Crippled Girl ] recently posted..New Table Decor (Part 2)

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    I say, about the school thing, that they get what they ask for, no strollers, then running toddlers because it’s impossible to contain even one during a boring childrens play and that is what they are to those little guys BORING. So if they aren’t going to allow strollers, which is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard, then they should have one room where people are keeping toddlers so others can enjoy the play. It’s not like everyone in the school has babies or toddlers and the place will be packed with strollers. That rule still annoys me. People these days. UGH!
    Jamie recently posted..update

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      lol at the sign “safety and security” because we all know those mommas be packin’ oozies undaneath them there baby blankets yo!
      Jamie recently posted..update

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        They say there’s not the room- like it’s a fire hazard? Yet they have to be wheelchair accessible, and most strollers are narrower.

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    That is just plain crazy about the no strollers thing!! What is worse, a jumble of strollers blocking the isles or a million small children and toddlers running around causing a bunch of commotion!?

    I would be mad about the Santa thing too! Its usually just plain toture for the parents anyway but that just makes things worse!

    Good luck on the speech evaluation!

    Hillary recently posted..Adventures in Mommahood

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      I’m exhausted thinking of trying to keep two toddlers entertained during an elementary presentation that is going to bore me to sleep myself :X LOL

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    Wow, that’s nutso about the strollers. What exactly is their reasoning? Strollers contain children, at least somewhat! LOL
    Bethany recently posted..Guatemala!