No one does Christmas like #kmart does Christmas #cbias Part II

After coming home with our $100+ of decorations from Kmart last week, we thought for SURE our house would rival the others in the neighborhood.  See, everyone around here has their houses decked out to  the max with lights and inflatables for the holidays.  We were so excited to put lights up so we could be as festive as everyone else.

Let me tally up our loot for you:

It seemed like a lot when we had it in the cart, and as we were hauling all of the bags into the house.   I’d wanted to grab 4 boxes of lights, but they only had 3 left.  I thought for SURE our house wasn’t longer than 27 feet though.

And then Aaron put up the lights:

Even if he put them on top of the awning, it wouldn’t have been enough to cover the whole house.  And since they were the last three boxes on the shelf, we were unable to go back and grab some more.  Hopefully I can find the same brand elsewhere or perhaps at Kmart next year because I really would like them all to be uniform.

We used the rolls of ribbon on the pillars.  I’m glad we got two because each pillar used an entire roll.  Then we added the tree topper bows to the top and I think they look great!  If you don’t remember, I’d initially wanted to wrap the pillars in some pine bough garland and white lights, but I was unable to find any garland that didn’t come prelit with flashing multi-color lights.  I didn’t think it would look nice with the white lights (plus there was only one!) so we went with the ribbon idea.

Doesn’t it look pretty?  I just love blue and silver for the holidays- our tree is done in those colors as well.  Don’t mind the box and bags from our decorations still on the porch, we hadn’t picked them up yet while I was snapping the photos!

The final thing we purchased at Kmart was the set of snowflake lights.  We put them on the edge of the flowerless flowerbed that leads from the driveway to the front door.  Ryan was so intrigued by the lights!  He has always been drawn to toys that light up so it was no surprise.   He was so cute watching them blink!

So for the final results, here’s our official ‘after’ picture!  I left the front door open- can you see the tree in the front door?

Oooh and one more photo of Ryan, because he’s so cute:

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    Your decorations look great!
    melissa recently posted..Wordless Wednesday: Christmas/Hanukkah books!

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    Yeah….I ‘m bad at guesstimating big measurements like that too…until we lived in a house that the kitchen/dining room was so big, we could have fit my BFF’s 33ft travel trailer INSIDE it, and still had room to cook and eat 😡 LOVE the ribbons on the pillar, and the lights on the walkway, our porch would be *perfect* to go all gung-ho decorating…I want some sooo bad, but I know Minnie would just eat them…..