My hair…

My hair is the shortest it’s been in a long time.  I just got it cut today.  I actually thought they were going to take more off, but I guess my ends weren’t as bad as I thought.  It’d probably be down to my ankles if I stopped dying it and cutting it all the time- the last 5-6 years I’ve had a good amount chopped off on several occasions.

For years and years I dyed it blonde, starting in maybe 9th grade or so?  I also kept it between a bob and shoulder length for the most part, and with bangs, back then.

The last time it was blonde was 2006.  It was really long, but really unhealthy.

Then something possessed me to dye it red.  Right after I dyed it, I got it trimmed.  I remember asking Lili to take these photos for me, and she was maybe 5 or so at the time.

The next time I got it cut, I had a good bit taken off.  I remember having them cut it the day of the USMC Ball- and putting it in hot rollers that night at the hotel while getting ready.  It seemed SO short to me at the time.

I wonder what happened to those hot rollers- they did nice stuff to my hair.  It’s the only way that curls stay for more than 10 minutes!  I also really liked that cheesy pink phone with the pea pod dangling from it.

I’ve stayed away from blonde for a long time, but the growing and cutting keeps happening, as does the randomly dying it red.  And 95% of the time, my hair is pulled up into a scrunchy.

It was in a long phase when I was pregnant with the twins.  I think the prenatals help it grow better.  Not long before they were born I got it trimmed (in May), but after they were here, I barely had time to pee, so it was a long time before I went and got it cut.

This was Aug. 2010, and I’d just had a good amount taken off that day.

Fast forward another year where I slacked with the trims and maintenance, and I was looking like this in October:

I FINALLY took the time today  to get my hair cut again…

Someday maybe I’ll be brave enough for a real significant change, but probably not!


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    Hence I never have really long hair anymore, I love to change my hair all the time, including cutting
    Cat@jugglingact recently posted..Blast from the past post

  2. 2

    Crazy! I never noticed how long your hair was lady!! It’s gorgeous and I’m jealous :). I swear I only get my hair cut like once a year and it’s still short…

    Hillary recently posted..That’s My Boy!

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    Mary Beth Elderton says:

    *sigh* Your hair is lovely long! I’m one of those fine-haired blonds–my hair doesn’t grow long. My husband just cut his hair and donated an 18″ ponytail to Locks of Love

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    I would love to have really really long hair but it kind of reaches a limit and then stops growing. At that point I have a freak out and chop it all off. That cycle last about 12 months. 🙂
    Maria recently posted..Cautiously Hopeful

  5. 5

    stick with what works. I go through cycles – i wanna grow it long. then hate it and cut it in a short bob.
    brandy recently posted..A tale of 2 puppies