My Valentine

Thinking your husband is the best guy ever is totally part of the job of  being a wife- just like thinking your kids are the cutest things in the world.  But for real, mine is the best.  Not a week goes by with me wondering why the heck he’s with me, because I can be such a mess sometimes.

He’s in the Marine Corps, so that means he works long and often crappy hours.  I am a stay at home mom.  Yet when he comes home from work, he starts taking care of stuff that needs  to be done- whether it’s dishes or laundry- or even just entertaining the kids.  And he is the best father to these kids.

He caters to my every whim.  Oh, you want to own an online cloth diaper store?  SURE sounds great!  He spoils me rotten- always letting me sleep in, bringing me coffee and breakfast in bed, etc.

He’s like this every day, and doesn’t need a holiday like Valentine’s Day to show his love to me, or to the kids.

Thanks, Aaron- for being the best guy out there!  I am so lucky to have you!


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    How sweet is that!!!

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    Your post reminds me a lot of mine. Hope you guys had. A great day
    Cat@jugglingact recently posted..Love