The Great Outdoors

We’ve recently received a playhouse for the twins, as well as a water table- and now I can’t wait for spring and outdoor activities.  We have a little slab of concrete, but I’d LOVE  it if we were able to add something more visually aesthetic out there for me to enjoy while the kids play.

My dream home would have gorgeous composite decking where we’d keep our grill, outdoor table & chairs and of course a hot tub.  I wouldn’t get real wood because I know we’d never take care of it properly, and this stuff looks just as nice to me.   We also could put our little fire pit out there and make smores with the kids…

Does this look relaxing?  Of course you’d have to imagine it all junked up with kid toys everywhere….

What we really need here though is a fence around our yard.  We’re allowed to put one up, but we’d have to take it down when we leave.  Since we currently don’t have a dog, I’m not sure it’s worth the expense.  I’d love one though to keep the twins from wandering too far away.  We have a big playground out back, and it totally tempts the boys.


The enticing view from our back yard.

The cheapest way would probably be with a chain link fence, but those are such an eyesore.  I’d love pretty wooden fencing, but again,  like with the deck, it requires such upkeep.  So the best bet for our family would probably be composite fencing.  It’d be nice to enclose my yard for the safety of my kids, yet still look pretty.  I just love the look of classic white picket fencing, especially when lined with pretty flowers.

If our yard was fenced in and we had a nice deck with comfy chairs… I would be sitting out there, letting the kids play their hearts out while reading when the weather is nice.  Currently I feel like I can’t take my eyes off of them because they’ll dart out towards the playground or the street on the other side- not to mention we have nothing to sit on.



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    Can you rent fences where you are? I had never heard about it til we were at Ft. Sill. I think it cost like $8 a month for our little fence, it wasn’t bad =P