Too many monkeys sleeping in our bed…

When Aaron and I first were together, our bed was twin sized.  Yep.  Two adults sleeping in a little twin bed.  We didn’t mind, all new in our relationship- and didn’t complain if an arm got numb from being wedged under the other.  It didn’t bother us if we couldn’t roll over without falling off the bed unless we were both awake to coordinate it.

It’s funny the things you’ll put up with early in a relationship… the same things you’d never tolerate as time goes on.

It wasn’t long before we upgraded to a queen sized bed.  The difference was astounding to us- I know he felt like he was miles away at night.  When Lili was born, she bridged the gap between us at night.  With an impending move, we never bothered to build her crib.  We had a bassinet for her, but she was waking every two hours to nurse, and it was just easier to keep her in our bed.

After we moved, we set up her crib in her room, but she’d never slept apart from us, and wasn’t really impressed.  Plus she was still nursing every few hours, and we all slept better if I could quick feed her before she woke up the house.  She was my longest nurser- waking up nightly until about 18-20 months and finally weaning around her second birthday.  And really, we were so happy to have a living baby after losing Raime that it never bothered us that she preferred to sleep between us.

I got pregnant with Mia about the time she weaned, so I was hesitant to make any changes that would cut in on my sleep.  So once Mia was born, we had a nursing newborn in bed with us, along with a squirmy almost 3 year old who joined us several nights of the week.

Eventually Mia grew up and graduated to a toddler bed, however most mornings we’d find her curled up at the foot of Lili’s bed.  It seemed like the two of them just preferred not to sleep alone.

This led us to upgrade to a king sized bed and we moved the queen into the girls room and they were happy to sleep together in there. And again we felt like we had this huge expansive place to sleep since not only did we get a larger mattress, but we also were suddenly sleeping without kids.

And then we had the twins…


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    One of our favorite little sayings…. Eberything was peaceful, and then we had twins
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    At one point I used to think about pushing our king sized mattress over and putting a twin next to it so we’d have more room.
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