Step2 My Clubhouse

A couple weeks ago, we were delivered the Step2 My Clubhouse right to our front door and the twins were SO excited!  They ran outside and tried to drag in it themselves, it was so funny.

step2 my clubhouse

They got lucky because that same day, Aaron happened to come home for lunch and was able to put it together for them.  He was able to build the My Clubhouse in less than a half an hour, with two little helpers getting in his way and no extra hands needed from me.  I was so impressed- often toys like this are difficult to set up, but not so with this one!

 building step2 clubhouse

The size of the My Clubhouse is just perfect for the twins.  It’s not so huge that they are too small for it, yet it still allows some growing room.  It’s recommended for ages 2 & up, and as you can see, Dylan is tall enough to see out the door, but definitely no where near the roof, so he’s got plenty of years of play to go.

step2 clubhouse

We weren’t thinking ahead though- because we built it right in our living room.  So now, unless we take it apart (which Aaron said would be simple and quick to do), we’re stuck with it in our house.  But since it’s winter, we figure we’ll leave it inside for awhile longer.  The boys really enjoy eating at the little picnic table that’s built in.

In addition to the  the picnic table and chalkboard that you can see in the photos, there’s also a secret compartment inside the My Clubhouse, as well as the weather resistant fabric roof.  There’s a side door, and the boys will open it up like it is above and the way the clubhouse is situated in our house, it makes it seem even bigger inside.  They’ll bring in chairs and toys and play for hours.

The Step2 My Clubhouse is available exclusively at Toys R Us and retails for about $170-$200.  If you’re looking for a fun playhouse for your toddlers, I highly recommend checking this one out.  Not only is it fun for the kids, but it’s sturdy and aesthetically pleasing- no primary rainbow colors here!  It easily coordinates with your house and decor, whether you choose to use it indoors or out.

Just a quick little video of the boys filling their clubhouse up with some toys.  It’s not uncommon for the twins to retreat into it with several toys- I think they hide from their sisters in there!

I am a Step2 Test Drive Mom and I was provided with the My Clubhouse for this review.  All opinions about it are my own.


  1. 1

    What a cool clubhouse indeed for the children. Can see my youngest in something like this 🙂
    blackhuff recently posted..I came to this point

  2. 2

    I love the Step 2 products. They are fun, durable, and great!
    JENinMICH recently posted..30 weeks

  3. 3

    That certainly beats hanging an old blanket between 2 chairs to make a ‘fort’ doesn’t it!

  4. 4

    I can imagine how thankful my kids will be with this clubhouse. They created their own versions of clubhouse in the past yet none were sturdy. They usually use it to pretend selling some products which makes your clubhouse perfect seeing there is a stool in the left side. Thank you for the recommendation.
    Sharon recently posted..DTS Home