So where was I?

Ryan at the hotel after the surgery to remove the radioactive disc.

Aaron took Ryan and Dylan to Philly for Ryan’s appointments last week- generally  he only takes Ryan, but he thought it would be fun to take them both this time.  And then of course, Ryan ran into some complications/setbacks.

My mom has been dying to visit, and now that her chemo and radiation is done, decided to help us out by picking up Dylan and bringing him down to NC.  Ryan was a handful after his surgery on Thursday.  They patched him with a lead patch because of the radioactive disc they put behind his eye.  Aaron said he barely ate, cried a lot, and was just miserable.

I’m glad my mom was here to keep me company while Ryan and Aaron were in Philly.  He had the disc taken out on Monday, and the two of them got home on Tuesday.  His eyes still look beat up, and his face is all chapped and raw from the adhesive from the patches, but he’s in MUCH better spirits.

He had to wear the patch for like 48 hours after the surgery, but it’s off now.  We do have to put this special cream in that eye everyday for three weeks- and he hates it.  But he’s such a trooper and is back to his happy smiling self already.

Aaron of course had duty today, his first day back so he’s gone all night.  Again, I’m so happy my mom is here.  We’ve been having so much fun visiting this past week.


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    My MIL is over for a visit and such a lessing too
    Cat@jugglingact recently posted..On moving forward.

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    Christine says:

    I have been dying for an update. So glad your mom is there and you are having such a good visit! Is she staying long enough for you to go see The Hunger Games together?

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    So glad they are home and doing okay. Must be a relief for you.

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    Awww, I hope everything works out okay:)
    Shandi Naugle recently posted..Brush Storage & Organization 2012

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    So glad he’s back home – he looks very happy in that pic 🙂
    Marcia (123 blog) recently posted..North Carolina update – I did it!

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    Glad to hear Ryan is in better spirits and that you’re having a lot of fun with your Mom! I’ve missed you!
    Christa @ Little BGCG recently posted..Retail Therapy

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    So excited that he is doing well! It is wonderful that you have your mom with you too!
    Maria recently posted..How To Tell Me You Are Pregnant

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    (((Hugs))) I am so happy that your mom was able to be there with you. I am so sadden by these recent event, praying that this is it and after the surgery it is over for good.
    Cindy recently posted..13 and 18 years!