Let’s go to the movies!

It’s almost spring break, and that means there will be many bored kids running around town.  We will be heading to NY to visit family, and when we’re there we always tend to hit up the movie theater.  We usually see a kid-friendly movie, and sometimes take advantage of the fact we have grandparents around to babysit and take in a grown-up flick as well.

I know both Aaron and I want to see The Hunger Games- we read the books and loved them.  I don’t know if we’ll be able to wait that long to see it though.  I’ll have to check out what other new movies are playing and see what else is coming to the theaters soon.

The girls have already seen The Lorax, which I believe is still playing, so we’ll have to choose another one to see.  Mirror, Mirror looks good- and Lili’s mentioned wanting to watch it, although I’m not sure if her big brothers would be interested, or if it would keep the twins entertained.

I think an afternoon out at the movies is the perfect way to keep the kids occupied during spring break, especially if we run into inclement weather.  I love that with the technology today, we can check out the cinema times online or on our phones, as well as purchase tickets that way too.  When we’re visiting family and have all seven kids, it’s more chaotic than usual and we tend to decide to do things on the fly.

Are there any movies you’re looking forward to seeing? 

What fun things do you plan on doing with your kids during spring break?


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    Enjoy the Spring break that’s coming up.
    1 week of School holidays are starting here in South Africa on Friday.
    A movie I want to see is Journey 2: The Mysterious Islands. My son will love that movie as well.
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