Hold On!

I came across the coolest thing recently- Hold-On Handles.  I’ve been struggling with the twins lately when we are out and about.  They don’t want to stay in the shopping cart or their stroller a lot of the time.  They whine to get out, and I can’t hold two toddler’s hands while trying to push a cart and shop for what I need.  So when I saw Hold-On Handles, I just knew I had to give them a try and see if the boys would use them.

They arrived about a week ago, and I was immediately impressed with the thought put into the creation of the Hold-On Handles.  With a parent wrist strap, a huge, easy to work carabiner, and adjustable lengths for the handles, it’s perfect for so many situations.  I’ve used it hooked to my purse when my hands are full, attached to the shopping cart, and looped on to my wrist- all with great success.  I wish I had these years ago, I think they’d have been perfect for when I had a few older kids and a baby or two in a stroller to keep everyone together at malls, fairs, and other events.

The kid’s handles are painted adorably, and the adjustable straps have quick release buckles just in case your kids tangle themselves up.  Our set is the one pictured above, the Ocean Odyssey Double Handle Set, but you can get them with just one handle, or purchase extra handles as well.  There are two other handles that coordinate with it.  Additionally, there’s another double set that is bug themed.

It only took the twins a short time to learn that they could either hold on to their handles or ride in the cart- and they clearly preferred to hold on as told.  They enjoy the freedom to walk beside me, and I am not constantly chasing them or sending the girls after them.   These are an amazing help, and I highly recommend Hold-On Handles to anyone with more than one child, especially multiples!


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    I saw these at the Baby Expo this fall, i love them too!
    Christa @ Little BGCG recently posted..Bedtime Troubles and a Giveaway

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    I love this thing!

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    Those look so great! One of the things I worry about once we have kids is keeping ahold of them with being in the wheelchair – this would give me a free hand and keep them close by! Def. something to keep in mind. 🙂
    Jenn [ Crippled Girl ] recently posted..Ovacue Bundle Giveaway!

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    Lili is fashion and famous! She is the star in every photo!

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    What a GREAT product!! I don’t think it’s something I really need at this point, but I love it!

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    Those are neat! I go crazy telling Gavin to hold on to the cart but in the same breath telling him to stay to the side so that I don’t trip over him. This is a great solution!
    Maria recently posted..Words of Wisdom