I’m so scared

Don't let the smile deceive you!

I am so scared of girls and puberty.  If Lili’s attitude lately is a preview of her PMS hormones, shoot me now.  There isn’t enough Zoloft in the world.  As it stands, her actions and back talk today have lead to talk of canceling of her birthday party in April.  She was invited to a sleepover this weekend and I’m pulling the plug on that definitely.

It’s amazing how she has all this energy and joie de vivre when doing what she wants but as soon as we tell her she needs to do the tiniest chore she’s suddenly dying of the bubonic plague and dysentery.   This afternoon, she was fine to run around outside with the other kids- yet when we asked her to pick up the clothes off the floor of her room, she starts whining about how she’s been so sick all day, even at school, and how she just needs to lay down.

Mornings are especially tough, she seems to wake up on the wrong side of the bed more often than not.  We have a rule at our house- if the girls wear a skirt or dress to school, they have to wear bike shorts or leggings underneath.  It’s been like that since Lili was out of diapers, so it isn’t something that she’s not used to.  This morning though, you’d think I was insane the way she ranted and raved at me for telling her to either change her dress or put something on underneath it.

She’ll be 10 next month.  It’s going to be a long haul- getting through the teen years!


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    You’re such a good mom! Hang in there! I’m sure you’ll have many good days ahead.
    Savannah recently posted..Should I… Start Dating Again?

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    Ah, I remember those days. I wouldn’t go back for ANYTHING. Hormones that are out of control, peer pressure, ugh. I don’t remember it getting better for awhile. Mom and I used to have epic battles over the stupidest things. The mood swings, etc scream hormones to me, and that can start months before the actual cycle/pms does. You might try some of the PMS tea from the health food store or some rescue remedy. I was younger than Lili when that started happening, and you never know what seemingly innocent request or remark will set something off. Does she have a journal? Encourage her to write if she can’t articulate to you what’s bothering her, then try and talk to you about it.
    Did she say anything as to why she is suddenly rejecting your dress rules? Has one of the other girls said something to her? Peer pressure can be a nasty thing, if one of the “popular” kids decided that wearing them under your dress is babyish. I didn’t realize how bad it was until I was doing education classes in the middle school, oy! Other girls can be cruel and i’m afraid Miss Fashion is only going to get worse as she gets older. Try sitting down and talking to her when she’s calmer, and flat out ask her. What you said may be just it- a rule since she’s been out of diapers, she may see it as a childish rule, and that she is old enough not to go exposing her underwear everywhere like a child. Can’t help there, as we weren’t allowed to wear bike shorts or leggings at all, they were both against the dress code, we just weren’t allowed to wear skirts on gym days. Skirts were longer then, though. If you put your arms at your sides the hem had to be three inches past them.

    Furthermore, you need to lay your hands on the Stone Soup comic strip series… Lili reminds me of Holly(the oldest daughter in the strip) right now! Good luck.

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    Ha! Sounds like my house today. We went all the way to Sonic to get the boys dinner as a treat but the fighting and screaming just on the drive to get there was beyond over the top so I just got myself a drink and we drove back home essentially empty-handed. Maybe they will act better next time (doubtful though). Ugh.
    Hillary recently posted..In Bloom

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    Lol she’s just like Sarah.

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    My 11 year old has me more than ready to run far, far away. She fights me on every little thing imaginable. Already I could tell you stories about my little miss attitude that would scare you!
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    I hear you…Isabella will be 12 in June, and we’ve been dealing with the attitude/hormones for a couple years now. ONE of us is gong to be rocking in a corner, bald and sobbing one of these days…….

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    Your daughter is the same age as my son and boy oh boy, I so know about the preview of teenage hormones.
    The thing that gets me down and so furious, is the talk back. I can’t stand that.
    blackhuff recently posted..Winning the Lotto

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    Sounds like my house with my 11 year old! Its been going on for about 2 years now….just an fyi…Maddie got her period at 10 (May of last year) and when the irrational tears and yelling come….I know she is due ugh!!!! Wine helps btw (yourself not the child…although…..)
    Jenn recently posted..Remember me?!?!

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    I don’t look forward to this stage with my daughter. I was HORRIBLE from age 9-11, and finally started being a little easier to get along with around 12, as my mom tells me. The joys of pre-teen girls. Hope this stage flies by for you.
    Venassa recently posted..My baby is six months old

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    LOL- Yet another reason my I might be okay with only boys. Bubonic plague AND dysentery… Ha Ha Ha!
    Maria recently posted..Bunch of Bullets

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    oh dear, this is scary!!! But I do like your rules and how you stick to them 🙂
    Marcia (123 blog) recently posted..{Friendship Friday} How easy is it for you to be vulnerable?

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    I am right there with you, dude. Kieran will be 11 in a couple weeks, and he’s actually HITTING puberty. WTF. He’s a boy. I was not expecting this so quickly. Apparently, Brad hit puberty really early, but COME ON. Also, I thought it would be easier with boys. Maybe it is, but shit, I DO NOT LIKE THIS.
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