RTT- Haircuts, Headaches, and (insert something else that starts with H here)

  • I was so on the ball with blogging for a bit, after being in a slump.  I even wrote several posts ahead of time and scheduled them to be published for the week we were in NY for spring break.  But now we are home and I’m totally off my game again.
  • That also means I’m way behind on my reader and DVR too.
  • Today is the 11 year anniversary of Raime’s birth and death.  Which means in 6 days, Lili will be 10.  Time goes so fast.  I typically do a post about my babies on their days, but I didn’t do one for Connor this year (April 12th) and I don’t have one for Raime.  When I write them, it brings me back to that time and place, and the mindset I was in.  I just didn’t want to go back there this year.  I wanted to stay in my happy place, the present.  I still miss them, that will never change.
  • I took the boys to get hair cuts today, and they were so good!  Dylan hopped right up into the chair and grinned the entire time.  Usually he’s a little fussy.  Ryan was also super well behaved.   They look so cute with their hair out of their eyes!
  • A week surrounded by their Grammy, Daddy and three big brothers really spoiled the twins.  The past two days, they’ve been asking for them and today when I told them that Daddy was at work, Ryan said NO!  Daddy home!  I wish Aaron could stay home with us every day too, little guy.
  • So I was reading the news (it’s so weird to say reading instead of watching, but who actually watches the news anymore?) and saw this article about the K-E diet.  Apparently people are opting to be tube fed to lose weight.  What the heck?  Would you do it?
  • I have a review and giveaway that I’m super excited about- something perfect for your kids on hot summer days!  My guys are loving it, and I just know your little ones will too!
  • And of course, yet another random sleeping position photo:


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    Your boys are so cute. We’ve been slacking on our shows too . . . and haven’t gone anywhere lol.
    Jenn [ Crippled Girl ] recently posted..iPad 3 Giveaway from Reeves, Aiken & Hightowe

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    They look awesome with their haircut, so cute. Did you give up on cloth diapers? I never see them in cloth anymore.

    Major funk here…..Not even sure what else to say.
    Cindy recently posted..Staying organized during your move

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    Happy Birthday to Connor and Raime. ((hugs))

    The boys look adorable with their new haircut! I love it!
    Christa @ Little BGCG recently posted..Mason’s Lane-a