Easter Recap

I know Easter is past, but I never posted about it.  We were in NY at my mom’s and she and my 14 year old son, B, went crazy making a huge scavenger hunt for each person to go on Easter morning in order to find their basket.  Everybody was given a plastic egg and inside of it was the first clue.  Those lead to the next and so on, inside and outside, until we finally reached our baskets.

They spent HOURS writing clues and hiding the eggs for nine people- they even made up scavenger hunts for Aaron and I!

My oldest two boys were teamed up with the youngest two, since the twins don’t read.  Mia and O paired up as well.  Lili was given like five times as many clues as everyone else, just because they thought it would  be funny if it took her forever, but since she was on her own and not following two sets of clues like the other kids, she sped through them and was done around the same time as the rest of us!

It was so much fun!

Later that afternoon, when everyone was full of candy, we started on dinner.  Easter dinner is my favorite of all the holiday dinners because of the HAM.

My all-time favorite meal is ham, cheesy scalloped potatoes, and peas.  It’s perfection.  I always request it for my birthday dinner, I’d rather eat it than go out to dinner.

There’s not much better in life than your favorite meal cooked by your mom!

How was your Easter this year?  And what’s your favorite meal?


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    that is awesome of them! That is my gloal next year is to do clues.
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    My Easter was quiet, by myself. I always hated Easter dinner at my mom’s because of the HAM. Sorry, the only part I like about your favourite meal is the peas!
    My favourite Sunday dinner at my mom’s is roast chicken, mashed potatoes & gravy and steamed broccoli. With pineapple upside down cake for dessert. It has been years since I had this and food allergies now preclude me being able to eat some of these things but if I could, that would be my sunday dinner, every week!

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    I blogged ours – at home and we saw lots of family and friends. And the ham thing must be American
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    That sounds like such a fun time with family! Glad you enjoyed it!
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