RTT- Rolling Along

*Our thermostat controls both the heat and central air, and so you can tell which is on, a little icon pops up. For the A/C, it’s a snowflake and for heat, it’s a little flame. With the fluctuating weather, we keep switching back and forth in an attempt to maintain a comfortable balance in the house. The other day, it felt warm, so I asked Lili to see what it was set at. She came back and told me the numbers she saw, and said that there was a fire. I told her to turn the A/C on and she couldn’t figure it out until I told her to turn the fire into a snowflake.

*I hate when I’m scrolling through Facebook and someone posts something like… a photo of the toe they accidentally got caught on something that has the nail ripped half off and a pile of bloody tissues next to it.  Feet are gross enough without nasty bleeding yellow toenails.

*RTT- Rolling AlongSpeaking of Facebook, I unfriended someone for the first time the other day.  I generally hesitate to do that, even if they annoy the crap out of me.  Instead I will just hide their status updates from my feed.  But this person was still being obnoxious in comments left on my wall, so they had to go.  I feel bad.

*Ever since getting my iPhone, I barely touch my DSLR.  I didn’t take it out of the bag once while we were in NY.

*When I watch stupid TV shows- for example, My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding- I find it entertaining that they need to caption it when they’re speaking English.

*I had to pick a new winner on one of my giveaways.  The mandatory entry was to leave a comment on my post- and they didn’t.  I feel bad, because they tweeted and stuff that isn’t even mandatory, but rules is rules, yo.  I don’t think I ask too much to qualify for the giveaways I run.  I don’t even really promote them, because I really prefer that you guys who read my posts win, not some sweeper.

*Lili got rollerblades for her birthday from Grammy.  Who says you can’t be fashionable while exercising? 


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    I don’t even enter your giveaways most of the time. Lol. I don’t need any of the items. But that sand table would have been cool for zoey. Then I saw you had like 239 entries or something like that and wandered away. As for fb. I remove people without any guilt as I do with my blog depending on my personal moods and feelings. And Lili is gorgeous as usual. Remember the good old days of Lj drama? I miss it. Ha

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    Now I want to think of a good Roller Derby name for Lili because of that pic……..hmmmmmm

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    Christina says:

    Love the Rollerblades and dress!

    I almost (almost haha) miss my rollerblades!