Oh! My! Boys!

Oh my dear blog, today is a DAY!

First Dylan was running around the kitchen, prancing and hopping as he likes to do, when he smashed his head into the corner of the counter.  It created like a puncture wound- it’s deep and it bled for awhile.  And it’s under his hair, so we couldn’t put a band-aid on it unless we were willing to shave a spot of his head.

Aaron was home for lunch when that happened, and we decided he probably didn’t need a stitch for it since it let up after awhile.  He sat and watched TV for awhile holding a napkin to his head.  Ryan was sweet to him for half a second and pulled a blanket up over him and patted his head.

I’ll spare you the bloody wound photos and just share the cute one of them acting like they like each other:

Then the girls came home from school, which immediately makes the boys go crazy.  They get all wound up and today they went from cuddly, sleepy twins to spastic and energetic punks.  They were in the living room, and Ryan decided to jump off of the recliner.  He’s half blind and not as agile as Dylan, so needless to say it didn’t go as he planned.

He face planted and teeth went through his teeth and lip.  Blood poured out- and I couldn’t see where it was coming from at first.  Once I finally got his mouth to slow down so that I could clean it up from the rest of his body where it dripped, I noticed he also has rug burn on his forehead.

Two bloody boys in one day- it’s a record.


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    Ugh, just another typical day eh? Hope they are both doing better now…how you holding up?
    Jenn recently posted..Remember me?!?!

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    I think this day requires a very very large drink! Preferably the fish-bowl kind! 😛
    Jenn [ Crippled Girl ] recently posted..Ignoring Infertility Doesn’t Make it Go Away