Keeping cool this Summer with Underwater Fashion

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It seems that, apart from the usual floral prints tossed about every Spring season in an initiative to link fashion with nature, this year’s up and coming fashionistas have started to really think out of the box and for an underwater theme! This may sound really strange to start off with but with some of the biggest fashion houses following suit on this trend there are some really innovative takes on classic designs submerged into the watery new fashion paradigm!

How can you look like a fish out of water without donning the catwalk? Well first think about the hair. Everyone needs a freshen up when it comes to spring but don’t just go for the yearly lighten up of those locks, look deeper into the depths of the new fishy fashion and go for the ‘glisten’. This wet look not only makes you look like a rock dwelling mermaid but hides all manner of hair sins!
Seahorse necklace from Boticca

Next look at your wardrobe and think; color, pattern and cut. Obviously watery colors, icy blues, deep greens and audacious aquamarines are what the oceanic obsession is all about. Scaly patterns are being produced by big designers like Chanel, so keep an eye out for these. Cut can be a little more difficult. If you’re looking for something a little more fresh why not visit your local fashion boutique where up and coming designers may have a lot more to offer in terms of cuts than larger department stores. Look for flowing maxi styles and shell like bunching on dresses and shirts.

Lastly accessorise! There are a myriad of underwater themed accessories out there to finish off your new sea side guise. Like with your wardrobe why not look a little further than just your local store and head online to search out some really one of a kind independently designed pieces!