Holiday Followup.

BaconStockingAfter every Christmas (and even every birthday) my kids tell us that it was their best one yet.  As I browsed various social media sites  like Facebook this year, I started to question what that means to us.

Ethan, my mom, and I stayed up all night wrapping gifts and watching Sons of Anarchy.  We debated going to bed around 3, but we knew the kids would be up sooner rather than later, and figured we’d be better off taking a nap after the opening craziness.  Once the first kid woke up, they woke everyone else up- it was around 5 am.


The girls are at the stage where they are dying to rip through everything to see what they’ve received, while the twins are still young enough that they want to stop and play with each toy as they open it and need to be encouraged to continue on.  This worked in our favor, because as we were wrapping the gifts, we realized that the twins had less to open than the girls.  We thought about grabbing a few more things, but they don’t really need any more toys or clothes right now.  So we let it go, and I’m glad we didn’t cave in to the pressure of making everything even because it wouldn’t have mattered.  And really, the only thing they asked for was a trash can truck.


So the twins opened up their Play-Doh garbage truck and spent the entire day playing with it.  They stopped for a few minutes here and there to eat, but really they were content the whole day long at the kitchen table with Play-Doh and trucks.

The girls’ lists were equally as humble, really.  Some clothes, some Monster High Dolls, some CANDY.  Lili added stuff to her list after we asked her ‘that’s it?’ and then on Christmas Eve, so did Mia (little late, eh?) but nothing extreme.  No iPads, game systems, or anything out of our price range.  Lili did ask for a TV in her room, and Aaron offered to put the old broken one in there, but she didn’t find that humorous.


Because she asked for make up, I did get her a set that included a bunch of everything so she could try it out, and Mia a ton of nail polishes.  And my mom bought Lili a huge box of chocolates, since CANDY was on her list.  She and Mia have spent the past days in their room, giving each other makeovers.


Our humble Christmas was perfect for our family.  How were your holidays?


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    I love the pads for Lili! I should of thought about wrapping a box for Maddie LOL! Looks like the kids had a great time!!!

  2. 2

    Looks like you had a fun, noisy family day!
    I was on my own, watched Dr. Who, made some good food, stayed in my pj’s all day.
    I liked it!