On Blogs and Blogging.

Just because no post is complete without a photo...

Just because no post is complete without a photo…

Ever since Google Reader went away, I’ve had blogging issues.  I’ve switched to Feedly, and I like the set up, but I didn’t switch over all the blogs I read, so there’s not much content, and I’ve missed some old favorites.  In some ways, decreasing the amount of people I follow it up was liberating, however, I hate that there were some people who posted very infrequently that I forgot to add.  It’s nice to be out from under the blogs I’ve outgrown though- the ones I felt obligated to read because I’d been following them forever.  Like those TV shows you’ve been watching for years that never seem to get cancelled despite the fact they’re not even entertaining any longer…

I know I need to find some new blogs to follow to fill in the spaces, people that inspire me and amuse me, without making me feel insufficient.  Do you have any suggestions?  I would love to check out your must read list!

I’ve personally taken a hit as well ever since losing Google Reader.  I don’t get the page views that I used to, and that makes me sad.  But part of that has been my lack of topics- I’ve been rather uninspired lately, and I keep finding reasons why I’m too busy to blog.  I haven’t been putting the effort in that I used to.  But I’ve been blogging off and on (mostly on!) since about 2000, and I guess there’s only so much you can write about.

I’d like to get back to the personal blogging.  I used to blog for ME, and over time, I’ve found myself only blogging when I have commitments and obligations.  I’ve been choosy about what I’ve agreed to do, and I’d like to continue to take certain opportunities, but I need to do them in addition to the personal stuff and not instead of it.

So.  What blogs out there am I missing out by not reading, and what should I be writing about?


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    I wandered back to Lj and my five followers. My blog is problematic and Chris said it’s going offline with the firewall change. Not sure if it did or not.

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    I’ve been a slacker with blogging for the pas six months. I haven’t posted about personal things in awhile, mostly because I’m not ready to share them that publicly, and it’s left a big void on my site. It sucks, and my page views have sucked too, but all you can do is pick yourself back up and start again, right?

    Miss you chicky!
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    Yes, I have missed hearing about YOU! I loved your Christmas recap – how you can stay up the whole night I will never know though!!!

    I have a few always comment, sometimes comment, and then read just for pleasure (that bunch is the biggest and gets swopped around at whim!)