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I frequently think I live in Crazytown, but that’s a side effect of having a million kids I’m sure.  Things get hectic and loud when there’s a bunch of little boys and their chatty sisters.  Our house is in a perpetual state of chaos, and simple activities like dressing everyone and getting them all out of the door on time each morning are feats of strength more often than not.  Usually it comes down to a frantic search for shoes for the twins.  I’m pretty used to our own brand of crazy though, and it takes a lot to throw me for a loop.


Yesterday was an adventure.  See, we had dental appointments for all of the kids.  It was a new dentist, as we left our last one in North Carolina, and I’d never been there before.  So after dressing everyone and loading them up in the van, I had the additional delight of having Siri tell me where to go.

Have I ever mentioned how much I hate jug handles?  To go left, you must first go right.

Giving myself an hour to drive 19 miles, we arrived at the dentist with a just a few moments to spare.  Luckily, Aaron took the time at work to fill out six children’s worth of paperwork before hand, so I was spared that activity.  We sat in the huge waiting room, which had a play area, video game, and the standard books and magazines to keep everyone occupied.

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After waiting awhile,  our family was ushered into a small little office sized room where the assistant lady asked me about the kids previous dental experiences and if we had any issues with any of their teeth.  Then she brought the three big kids (Ethan, Lili and Mia) into the back and put on a movie about a dinosaur that goes to the dentist for the twins.  When the movie was finished, the littles and I were sent back out to the waiting room.

Um guys?  Is it our turn yet?

Um guys? Is it our turn yet?

Eventually, they came to bring us back to the exam area.  But first, we passed a million photos of athletes, framed jerseys, and even a gigantic pair of basketball sneakers.  Then there was the random fire hydrant in the hallway and a fun house mirror that made me look like an Oompa Loompa.

And then we passed a cage with two monkeys in it.

There were monkeys at the dentist.

Live monkeys.

They’re behind a glass wall in the cage, and it didn’t look like they had much room, let alone a window or anything.  It was bizarre.  I am kicking myself for not taking a photo but I did find this one on flickr that someone else took.

The exam area was a huge room with several dental chairs- which I found a little bit odd.  I have never been to a dentist where it was one big room and not individual little ones.  They did bring the twins and Bacon into their own, smaller private room though because it was their first visit and I insisted on going with them.  I guess they usually have the parents wait out in the waiting room and they have all the kids get seen in that big room.

They took a photo of the twins, and I assumed it was for their records- but then they gave me these:

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Let me tell you how happy Ethan was to have a key chain photo of his face.

Finally, they peeked in Bacon’s mouth (can’t really do much for a baby I suppose) and declared all kids to have healthy nice-looking teeth.  Six kids, zero cavities.  Our trip to Crazytown was a success and a mere four and a half hours later, we were finished and heading home.


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    Glad you made it thru and all the kids teeth are great! I ALWAYS go in with Maxx, who is 10 now! I couldn’t imagine letting them go in a room alone with a dentist or doctor!

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    Sounds like a fun place!! My dentist (and kids) has a keruig and tv — boo I want monkeys and key chains!

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    Our paediatric dentist when I was growing up was like that, all kinds of chairs in one big room, I remember being about 13, having some work done on my teeth before getting my braces, they always gave me the laughing gas. The dentist was telling me to wave to the new patients that were coming in and I was cracking up laughing, so they started laughing and climbed right up in the chair because after all if I was having a good time it couldn’t be that bad right? LOL With Maddie’s dentist we can see into the room where she is, but we can’t go in there with her. They said its because it makes them more anxious. Kudos to you for taking all the kids in at once, you are my favorite super hero!

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    Good for you getting it all done at once – crazy town indeed but much better than 4 – 6 individual appointments 🙂
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    Gretchen in HB says:

    Dude. You have monkeys. We only have fish.
    I am getting ripped off.