Bacon of the Month Club: 19!

I’ve been a bad, bad blogger.  I keep meaning to take a few minutes and catch up, not just with what’s been going on around here and Ryan’s trip, but also with my blogging friends… but it hasn’t happened yet.  I feel like I shouldn’t post until I catch up, but I’ve come to the conclusion that there’s the very real possibility I’ll never catch up.

Bacon turned 19 months the day before we left California, so when we got home, we did his monthly photos.  This kid- I don’t even know.  He’s hysterical.  He rules our house.  Right now, he’s making Mia take him on a walk.  This is a daily occurrence-  he will bring her shoes, and take her hand and drag her over to the stroller and then he climbs in.  If she doesn’t push him around the neighborhood, he’s not a happy boy.

He won’t let anyone feed him, he insists on doing it himself.  He’s so independent and strong minded- it’s a good thing he’s adorable.  He’s super verbal, although we have yet to decipher much of his speech.  He definitely won’t need speech therapy like the twins did!

Anyway, on to the photos!






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    Jayme!!! The cuteness is too much – those blonde curls are ADORABLE!
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    Those neon blue eyes, wow.

    Of course he is going to be independent, he has all these big kids to mimic!

  3. 3

    He is gorgeous. Totally my favorite age.