Camping with 2 sets of 5 year old twins… #HaierAmbassador

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So my mom had this wonderful idea- she’d take my twins, and her husband’s granddaughters- who are also five year old twins- camping in the RV.  They went to the Jellystone Park, which is totally kid-friendly.  There was a hay ride each night with Yogi Bear, an arcade, and several pools and playgrounds.  By the end of each day, they were dirty and tired!  Not just the twins- but Grammy too!


Needless to say, the Haier 1.0 Cu. Ft. Portable Washer that I blogged about recently right here sure came in handy!  As anyone with kids knows, sometimes even the simple act of eating lunch requires a complete wardrobe change, so between all the swimsuits and towels, messy playground clothes, and general daily dirtiness, having the washer on board the ‘house on wheels’ was a lifesaver.


At the end of the day, Grammy was able to toss a load of laundry into the washer- which runs quietly so the kids weren’t disturbed and able to sleep- and relax with a much needed cocktail before hanging the items and heading to bed herself.  You can see where they tucked the washer in where there used to be a stand alone cabinet- and it fits perfectly.  And because it’s on wheels, she just needs to pull it over to the sink to use it!


You can find your own  Haier 1.0 Cu. Ft. Portable Washer online or at a wide variety of retailers.

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    Okay, your mom is a ROCK STAR – two sets of twins and she did it single-handedly? Super-Duper Grandma

  2. 2

    Yep, your mom is a rock star! What great photos and that small laundry unit – back in the day, my mom would have loved one of those when we were camping!