Missing You

Lately, I’ve been missing my blog.  I miss writing about the stuff going on day to day around here.  In retrospect, I can see why I fell out of blogging.  I kept feeling like I had nothing to say, and while that was kind of true, I now think it was because I struggled horribly at the end of our stay in North Carolina and while we were in New Jersey.  At the time, I couldn’t’ see it for what it was, but looking back I feel it had to be because of my lack of friends.

In NC, most everyone I knew moved away long before we did.  I knew we’d be going eventually, so it seemed silly to invest the time and effort into making more friends.  Then when we were in NJ, we were so close to family after living so far away basically since I’d graduated high school and started my own family, that I was super focused on spending time with my mom and older boys.

We moved here to Charleston with the intentions of staying forever, and so far that hasn’t changed at all.  We love it here.  I spent the first several months not knowing anyone, but stepped out of my comfort zone one day on a whim and showed up at a meeting I heard about on Facebook.  It was perfect in that it was a the food court at the mall, so I could decide when I got there whether or not to introduce myself.

Over the past two years, this Facebook group has grown from a handful of people to over 200 members.  Granted, only a few of us meet regularly, but we have big meet ups every three months.  Those are attended by 50+ people, and growing every time.  Our bi-weekly lunch dates are now coupled with nightly Starbucks dates on the off weeks, so I get to see my people every week.  And of course to top that off, I’ve become close to several ladies and we’ll meet outside of the planned days.

So now that I am out there doing fun stuff, I miss documenting our days here.  I actually have things to write about!  Maybe I’ll be back.


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    I found you again while editing old post. Life has change drastically for so many, us included. My twins are now 35, and settled in their lives as husbands and fathers. My journey through their life and my health has been replaced with our journey to places and time with the 10 grandchildren. Nice to see you again blogging. I’ll check in again to catch up.

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    I’ve missed seeing your posts. I recently started helping another mom start a blog and we’ve become pretty good friends through it. I’d love to see a group start up like that in this area, too. I miss having friends close by – I love all my blogging ladies but it’s hard to grab a cup of coffee on a whim when we all live so far away!

    I’m so glad to hear that you’re happy. Lots of love to you!