Before last week or so, I would have told you that keeping Ryan back a year was absolutely the best thing we’ve done.  He’s been happy, and he’s been doing a great job catching up to his classmates.  He’s learning braille like woah and seems to be loving it.  On all accounts, it seems he’s been having a great year and we totally did him right by keeping him back.

However, in the past few weeks he’s been so temperamental and moody.  He’s normally a super agreeable kid, and he’s been argumentative and he’s even been down right disobedient.  He’s made comments about kids not liking him, and running away.

Some of the other kids have been sick lately, so when he said he didn’t feel well this morning I didn’t think twice about letting him stay home from school.  Only, there was nothing wrong with him- he was lying to me.  I was finally able to get him to talk about his behavior lately, and I’m not sure what to do.

He gets pulled out of class for extra help with math and reading, by a teacher named Ms. Val.  His problem isn’t with her, he says she’s nice and he loves her, but he is really upset that he misses things that his classmates get to do while he’s receiving his help.  I guess this past week they made books and those books are on display in the hallway for the other classes to see, and he’s really jealous that he wasn’t able to make one.

Ryan really needs the extra one on one help he gets from Ms. Val.  With his visual issues, and struggling to stay caught up, he can’t go without.  He also is pulled out for Braille lessons on top of the remedial work, so he’s in and out of the classroom all day long.  I just am not sure what to do with him and this distress that it’s causing him. I still think there is more to it, because he’s said things like no one likes him and he wants to run away, so I think he might really noticing he’s different this year.

I have an IEP meeting this month and plan on speaking with his teacher and everyone else about these issues.  Hopefully they’ll have some ideas and solutions for us.  I really don’t want him to hate school and feel different and out of place already at age 7.


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    oh gosh, Jayme, while I’m tempted to say “he’s going to be fine” I do think you should look into it. Poor child is only 7 so should be enjoying school!