Update on Ryan’s Appointment

Just a little recap- During his last exam they couldn’t see what all was going on in his bad eye- the one that turns in more- because there was blood in it. I guess that can happen as the eye tries to repair itself from the tumor damage. So the other day he went back for an exam under anesthesia (EUA) so they could get a better look and they still couldn’t see what they needed to see. They’re sending him for an MRI and going to confer with his primary eye doctor in Philly, (his doctor here did his fellowship under Dr Shields!) but basically it’s going to come down to either an extensive surgery to drain the blood and potentially more chemo, or enucleation. And if we keep it, in addition to the surgery for the blood, he’s supposed to have surgery to help the turn in. If we go the enucleation route, then we’ll be dealing with prosthetics forever. We won’t know if he needs chemo again until they can see if he has any active tumors or seeding in that eye. His better eye is clear.

His appointment for the MRI isn’t until the end of April. That’s a long time if there is something other than blood going on in there. And the more we talk about it, the more the realization hits us that the best option is probably enucleation since he really has no vision in that eye anyway, and it’s been so troublesome in other ways.  Since his other eye has been so stable for so long, they think that if we get rid of his bad eye, the chances of recurrence will drop down so much more.

I’m frustrated because now that I’m coming to terms with him losing an eye, I just want to get it over and done with.  I don’t want to wait and think about it for another month and a half.  I’m already worrying about him keeping his glasses on- it’s so much more important if he’s only got one eye- for protection.  And we haven’t even brought it up to him yet, we really need to have that conversation.

Have I ever mentioned my lack of patience?


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    Jayme, that sounds really hectic. I wonder how he’ll take the news?

    Thinking of you all!