Day 1 of Becoming a Girl

Today I tried a handful of samples that I received, but I’d primarily like to discuss one in particular.  I’ve been using the same face wash since high school- Clinique’s Rinse-Off Foaming Cleanser.  I’ve tried several others and always felt that I felt greasy afterwards, or just not clean, so I stuck to paying $20 a bottle for it. The last few years though, I’ve been unsatisfied- while I still feel clean, I have noticed some serious dry patches, primarily on my forehead.  This led to me feeling like I needed a lotion, and that lead me to feeling like my face was oily and greasy because I don’t girl and don’t know what kind of facial lotion thing to use.

So obviously one of the first things I wanted to try with my new company was a facial cleanser- and I received a sample of BFF.  I used my sample this evening in the shower, actually only a small portion of it.  It smells great, and you can really feel the exfoliation.  I was a little nervous I’d have red marks all over my face from it!  It rinses off great, no greasy, yucky feeling left behind.  It left my skin feeling tight and clean, and of course the first thing I noticed after I got out of the shower was the fact that my dry patches weren’t nearly as bad as before- it really took care of that dead skin. I probably still need some sort of moisturizer, but I haven’t put anything else on my face since washing it two hours ago, and it still feels tingly and clean and tight.

BFF retails for the same as my Clinique stuff, so I think that’s what I’ll be using from now on.  I didn’t think I’d notice such a big difference, especially after trying to find other things over the years and not liking any of them.  I honestly didn’t even expect to like this because of my history of always going back to my old standby.  Now, to learn about moisturizers!

Look! No dry forehead skin! (I swear I’m happy about it!)