Quick Ryan Update

We’ll find out at some point today what time exactly, but Ryan’s enucleation is scheduled for Monday morning.  It’s an outpatient procedure, so he should be home that night.  They said it will only take an hour – an hour and a half.  He’s more upset that he doesn’t get to pack a suitcase to stay in the hospital for a few days than anything at this point!  Silly kid.

They’ll send the eye off to find out more details about what’s going on, so I’m guessing at some point we’ll get those pathology results.  Fingers crossed that none of the tumors have moved beyond the eye itself, and that he won’t require chemo or any other treatment and we can just get on with his eye healing and the prosthetic made! In the meantime, he’s doing quite well, even if the eye is giving him some pain. It’s swollen and bloodshot 🙁 But his nerves seem to have settled for the most part.


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    Thinking of you and Ryan, I know this is soooo hard. Love you guys!

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    Keeping Ryan in my prayers as always. Sending positive thoughts for the surgery and hugs for Ryan and the family 🙂

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    Hugs Love❤️ and Prayers🙏🏻!!! Love you guys!!