Right now Ryan’s sleeping on the couch. He had the detailed scans of his leg and since they put him out for it, he came home drowsy and napped.  He’s been confused all day- he woke up from his nap asking if it was time for breakfast, but it was dinner time.  Then he asked if it was Tuesday yet- it was funny.

We’re of course waiting again for results, although we were told he’ll be out of school until at least March.  He knows he’s getting treatment but we haven’t broken the no school thing to him yet. He’s such a social person, I’m sad for him.  They told us not to bother sending him back, so I’m assuming chemo will be starting ASAP.  The school says he’ll be able to do the homebound schooling where they send him teachers to the house.  I’m not looking forward to that- I mean, I am thankful but I’m so self conscious about our messy small house.  I am weird about non-friends showing up at my house.  I am sure we’ll get on a schedule though.

I know I am worrying about the little stuff, like how my house looks and how it will affect my plans will my friends but it keeps me from thinking about the big things and worrying about the types of things I can’t fix.  I can’t let my mind go there.

So that’s where we’re at today- waiting as usual.


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    I get it Jayme. Hang in there. I know this is hard and I will be thinking of you.

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    Sending lots of love.