Twin Visit

Dylan and I went to visit with Ryan this afternoon. He’s feeling a lot better and was eating when we arrived. He is set to receive a short 15 minute infusion tonight around 9pm and provided he feels OK afterwards, he might be able to come home. He says he misses us all and is ready to be at his house again.

While we were there, the pharmacy called up to the room saying they were getting his prescriptions together to bring home, and that it would be some crazy amount in the $100s and that there are NINE of them. We asked them to make a list so we can see what is available at the pharmacy at the Naval Clinic on base, because if we can get things filled there it is free for us. I’d imagine at least some are simple things like painkillers that we can fill.

Ryan is a little freaked out about his port. He doesn’t seem to want anyone to look at it and he says he’d rather do a fist bump than hug (which is SO unlike my huggy boy) because he doesn’t want it to lean on someone. I’m sure it’s still a little tender and new since they just placed it yesterday. He says it doesn’t hurt at all though, so that’s good. I imagine it is a pretty weird thing!

Dylan asked if Ryan was cured now that he got his chemo.  It’s rough on him, I know he just wants his other half home and healthy.  He also sees the special treatment Ryan receives from doctors, teachers, everyone really- and I know it makes him a bit jealous at times.  Ryan is so quick to share though so I think it helps keep those jealous feelings at bay.

As for me, I know I’m on edge. I feel overwhelmed with everything and the thought of the chaos that the next several months is going to bring. We’re really only two weeks into treatment if we count the start when he got the lumbar puncture and bone marrow aspiration. I am so thankful that Ethan moved back in with us for that extra set of hands.  I feel like our days are a juggling act- someone has to be here to get Dylan off of the bus and with Bacon, while someone else has to be able to bring Ryan to the doctor or hospital.    We’re trying to keep the other kids’ lives as normal as possible, and we are fortunate that Aaron’s allowed to take off when necessary with no repercussions, but unfortunately that affects his paycheck.

In other news, Tuesday morning before he went in to the hospital his vision teacher came by for his first homebound school lesson.  I’m glad that we have that available to him, and they set up his weekly lesson schedule (provided he’s not at he hospital or doctor’s office).  It’s a really nice program, and while I was OK with the idea of homeschooling him, I love that this is available since he absolutely adores his teachers and school.  It’s nice to be able to give him a little bit of what he’s missing!

I began writing this last night but I was exhausted and ended up falling asleep super early.  At some point Aaron and Ryan came home, but they’re both sound asleep now.  I suppose it’s safe to assume the transfusion went well!