Ryan Lately

Ryan went back to the oncologist to check his white blood cell counts yesterday- and all is good! He’s set to get another round of chemo (and another hospital stay) next Thursday.

Today though he mentioned getting a hair cut since his hair is itching him- and we reminded him that it was most likely falling out because of the chemo and if he wants to stop the itching, we can shave it. He became really sad about the thought, and fears that his friends will make fun of him so he can’t play outside or go anywhere.

We told him how his Grammy lost her hair and it came back, and how he lost it when he was a baby and it came back, so hopefully he feels a little better. We mentioned hats and how anyone who is a real friend won’t laugh.

I hate that my eight year old has to worry about this!


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    Awwwww, breaks my heart!
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