Yes, it’s a MLM

YES, I am aware Posh is an evil MLM. It’s a pyramid scheme. Generally only those on top make money. Yes, I’ve done a few of these before. I joined Jamberry for the discount. I still love them and wear them. I stopped being a consultant because I have more Jams than anyone can wear in a lifetime at this point!

I joined LLR thinking it was different, but I became disillusioned by the company. I still love the clothes I have and wear them daily, but I’m not amused by the antics of the founders. Plus the fact that it was necessary to have so much expensive inventory on hand made it a bad fit for our big family in this tiny house. You’ll have to peel my leggings off of my cold, dead body though.

I bought into the oils and still like and use them, however the more I learned about them, the more I realized I didn’t need expensive MLM brand oils. I also decided I was very uncomfortable with the practice of using them undiluted and internally, and I can’t support a company that tells it’s customers to do so. I do think they are a nice alternative over certain chemicals and enjoy learning about them and their uses. I recently read an article on Young Living‘s founder and it blows my mind people follow this guy’s advice.

I even did Pampered Chef YEARS ago, and still use those products to this day!  Some of the best kitchen stuff I’ve ever owned comes from them- and while I never made any cash selling it, I definitely stocked my kitchen and have gotten my money’s worth using the starter kit for over a decade.

So what makes Perfectly Posh different?  On the outside, nothing really.  It’s a similar set up to all the other companies I’ve had experience with.  The discount (commission) is pretty good and you don’t need to buy a set amount to receive it.  The bonuses and freebies they offer as incentives for consultants are plentiful and achievable.  You don’t need to keep stock on hand.  They have a better training system than others I’ve tried. So far any interaction I’ve had to have with support has been pleasant and they’ve often gone above and beyond my expectations.

Everyone buys soap, lotion, etc.  The products Posh sells are for the most part, things everyone needs.  The difference is the price- while a chunk of Posh soap is more expensive than one you’d buy at the grocery store, it’s also probably bigger and a better quality.  People have compared Posh to Lush, saying it’s a similar quality of product, for a cheaper price.  If you are one to treat yourself to high end natural beauty products, then you most likely will love Posh.

Knowing I am a crappy salesperson in general, I joined Posh primarily for the starter kit and discount.  I’ve been moderately successful and have thoroughly enjoyed working with the company so far.  I know that even if I never progress any further, I will stick with Posh because I love the products and with my daughters and husband also using specific items daily, we’ll maintain enough sales to keep our discount.  The qualifications for remaining an active consultant are ridiculously simple.

So yes, I am aware that I sell a MLM product line, and so many people are very anti-MLM.  No, it’s not going to change your life if you try it.  I will probably continue to share Posh because *I* love it, but I promise I’ll never harass you into buying anything.  I won’t even add you to my FaceBook group.  If you’re interested, you’ll add yourself.  I will love you even if you never even try a free sample- more for me!