Halloween 2017

Even though Ryan had chemo last week, he was feeling well enough to Trick or Treat tonight.  He made a point to to stay inside over the past few days so he wouldn’t ‘catch any germs’.  The twins and Mia went as Stormtroopers and since Bacon seems to think he’s in charge of everyone else, we had him dress up as Darth Vader (or Dark Eater as he used to call him!).

Little random Ryan story- I know we always say he’s the sweetest kid, always thinking about others.  He’s got the kindest heart, and has always had such a positive temperament.  Anyway tonight is just another example that illustrates a typical Ryan type behavior.  One house had a guy in a coffin, and he was dressed as a zombie and was popping out to scare kids.  Well Ryan walked up to it, opened the coffin, and asked the guy if he was having a good Halloween and offered him some candy.

At a different house, we were reminding Bacon to use his manners with the typical parenting adage- ‘What do you say?’.  Instead of ‘Trick or Treat’ or ‘Thank you’ as we were going for, he says to the guy passing out candy ‘Do you have a trash can?’ and hands him a wrapper.  Only my kid… at least everyone involved laughed!

Miss Teen Witch didn’t want to participate in our family costume this year.

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