Hi! I am Jayme, the mom and blogger behind The TaterTwins Mommy’s Out of Mana. (I am totally planning on changing my blog name someday. I’m just procrastinating. See, I started this blog to chronicle my high-risk pregnancy with the twins, which is why I named it TaterTwins… but I feel like it’s morphed into so much more.)

If you want to know more about my family and me, check out our Cast of Characters as well as the other posts under the About Us tab. If you’re looking for reviews/giveaways, recipes, tutorials, etc, those are all tabbed up top too.

Bottom line- I’m a military wife, and we’re stationed in the southern NJ/Philly area. I am a stay at home mom. We have eight! kids, aged 18 down to 1, including our 5 year old twins. Through the years we’ve dealt with baby loss, deployments, cancer diagnoses, and the rest of the chaos that life throws at us.

You may be wondering why Mommy is Out of Mana…

In the gaming world, being “out of mana” means the player is out of magic and can’t perform spells. This is often abbreviated to OOM. When a player announces to a party that they are OOM, it’s generally assumed that the group will stop for a minute and allow the player to regain their mana, usually by drinking. Additionally, you’ll often hear players say that it’s not that they’re lazy, it’s just that they’re out of mana.

Over time, OOM has become a running joke in our household. When playing one night with my husband, I asked him to get me a drink from the kitchen, because I was all out of mana. Now we say it all the time.

Hey, can you change the baby’s diaper? I would, but I’m all out of mana.

It only made sense for me to title my blog “Mommy’s Out of Mana”. To me, it represents all of those times where I’m just worn out from day to day life. Exhausted from chasing toddlers, doing laundry, making meals…

Blogging time is when I’m out of mana, and I use these precious few minutes of sitting on my butt to recuperate and express myself in words- reaching out to the rest of those tired mommies everywhere.

Enjoy! And thanks for visiting!

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