Cast of Characters

Looking for a cast of characters? Here you go!

JaymeMom & blog author. I’m a SAHM, loss mama, military wife… I am not sure how to define myself. This blog was born when I discovered I was pregnant with the twins. I’ve been blogging since 2000, I started writing on a diary site that I believe is now long gone… moved on to LiveJournal where I still maintain my private blog. In the past, I’ve publicly written about my pregnancy losses and grief- but if you want to read a summery of our losses, check out my dead baby post.  Since coming out of the twin pregnancy successfully, I’ve decided to keep on blogging about the twins and the rest of our family here.

I like to read, bake, and obviously blog. I also have been known to play a bit of World of Warcraft and I am currently obsessed with MineCraft. I know, I’m a dork. It’s all good. I recently invested in a good camera and I’m attempting to learn how to use it. I love taking pictures of my kids, and have been attempting to improve my fauxtography skills. Sometimes I am witty and post funny things, other times I’m boring and blog about my day. I often get sucked into random crafts that I don’t finish– I am a Jack Jill of all trades, master of none.

Over the years I’ve grown and changed as a parent.  I’ve been slowly embracing my inner hippie that was there all along.  I’ve breastfed and formula fed.  I’ve used cloth diapers and disposables.  I’ve co-slept and put kids to bed in their cribs.  I’ve made my own baby food and bought jars.  I’ve spanked, given time outs, and I’ve used positive discipline.  I do what works for us as a family at the time, and each individual child.

In the last 15-20 years, I’ve dealt with a lot of stuff. We’ve buried three babies. My oldest three boys moved out of my house and into their father’s. My husband deployed a few times. One of my twins was diagnosed with cancer. I’ve been told I’m strong, but I don’t feel that way. I’ve had people tell me they don’t know that they could do it, but I know they could. Because really, what choice do you have when this is what life hands you? You just do it and you learn to appreciate what you have.

AaronAmazing Dad. Wonderful husband- we’ve been married 16 years now. Airframes mechanic in the USMC. Aaron is seriously the best. I can’t say that enough. From day one, he’s loved my kids and me unconditionally, even the three that aren’t biologically his. He treats me like I’m something special, all the time- doting on me and always making me feel loved. I couldn’t ask for a better husband or father for my kids. I am working on getting him to share his input on raising the kids, dealing with Ryan’s cancer, etc,  more often.



My first born- who is already a 20 year old!  An amazing big brother, even when he’s overwhelmed with how many siblings he has!  He’s working hard, out on his own, and doing awesome, even though we miss him so much!

EvanOwenTwo more teen boys- currently 19 and 17. They presently live with their father, and we miss them like crazy. Because they aren’t living with us, you won’t hear about them as often or see as many photos of them, but they’re always on our minds!

RaimeOur first daughter, first child together. Born entirely too soon to survive because of HELLP syndrome in 2001. Raime was named after my best friend growing up, who was killed in a car accident when we were 16.

Oliviaaka Lili– Our spunky, sassy, fifteen year old high schooler. Lili was our rainbow baby after losing her sister, Raime, almost exactly a year before she was born.  She beats to her own drum and I love that about her.She’s more responsible than some adults, and an excellent student.

Ameliaaka Mia– 12 years old and living her life as if she were in an opera or musical- always singing about something.   Loving every minute of school. Mia is a total character- think of Jim Carrey in a little girl’s body.

EloraShe was supposed to be our last baby, the final addition to give us an even six. A 25 weeker due to HELLP, she was feisty and fought hard to give us almost nine weeks with her during the summer of ’06.  You can read more about her here.

ConnorOur sweet baby boy, stillborn at 24 weeks in ’07 because of an umbilical cord issue. He was my saving grace while we endured our first deployment.

RyanTwin B my entire pregnancy, he surprised us by coming first on delivery day. Diagnosed at 4 months with retinoblastoma, yet in the face of chemo and all that comes with his treatment, he maintains a happy yet slightly crazy disposition.

DylanDespite being born second, he maintains the alpha twin role he acquired during his time in utero. He hates waiting his turn, and demands your full attention, which he rewards with the most delightful smiles and snuggly hugs.


Much better known as Bacon, our final baby- the perfect completion of our family.  The sweetest, funniest, best baby ever, with more personality than someone as little as he is should have.  There have been occasions where we’ve fought over who gets to love on him.  Born on our wedding anniversary, this kid is spoiled rotten.


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