Update on Ryan’s Appointment

Just a little recap- During his last exam they couldn’t see what all was going on in his bad eye- the one that turns in more- because there was blood in it. I guess that can happen as the eye tries to repair itself from the tumor damage. So the other day he went back […]

All at Once

Do you ever notice how crappy things happen all at once?  I know they say bad things happen in threes, but I’m not counting any longer.  I am generally a pretty optimistic person, and for the most part happy, but sometimes I just get overwhelmed.  I do believe it started with our van- about two […]


Before last week or so, I would have told you that keeping Ryan back a year was absolutely the best thing we’ve done.  He’s been happy, and he’s been doing a great job catching up to his classmates.  He’s learning braille like woah and seems to be loving it.  On all accounts, it seems he’s […]

Missing You

Lately, I’ve been missing my blog.  I miss writing about the stuff going on day to day around here.  In retrospect, I can see why I fell out of blogging.  I kept feeling like I had nothing to say, and while that was kind of true, I now think it was because I struggled horribly […]

Another Perspective.

16 years ago, I was newly married to Aaron and pregnant with our first baby.  We were so in love- with each other and with the child we’d created.  Having three kids from my first marriage, I naively assumed that in August, we’d have our newborn.  My biggest worry was whether I was having a […]

Quick Back-to-School Checklist for High Schoolers

High school is an exciting time. It doesn’t matter if your student is just starting out on his or her freshman year or if senior year is looming; there are plenty of exciting events and milestones to look forward to. Of course, first your student has to make it through the first day of school. […]