Halloween 2017

Even though Ryan had chemo last week, he was feeling well enough to Trick or Treat tonight.  He made a point to to stay inside over the past few days so he wouldn’t ‘catch any germs’.  The twins and Mia went as Stormtroopers and since Bacon seems to think he’s in charge of everyone else, […]

Yes, it’s a MLM

YES, I am aware Posh is an evil MLM. It’s a pyramid scheme. Generally only those on top make money. Yes, I’ve done a few of these before. I joined Jamberry for the discount. I still love them and wear them. I stopped being a consultant because I have more Jams than anyone can wear […]

Ryan Lately

Ryan went back to the oncologist to check his white blood cell counts yesterday- and all is good! He’s set to get another round of chemo (and another hospital stay) next Thursday. Today though he mentioned getting a hair cut since his hair is itching him- and we reminded him that it was most likely […]

‘Round Here

For the first couple of days after Ryan has chemo, he is wiped out.  Nauseous, sleepy, etc.  But then as the days go by, he gets back to himself and has way more energy than any kid who has to stay home every day should have!  We have teachers coming daily- two a day every […]

Fizi Fundraiser Update

The above are the scents that will be included in the Fizi six packs that we are preselling for Ryan’s fundraiser!  These come individually wrapped and can easily be separated into smaller gifts for teachers, stocking stuffers, etc!  Here are some super cute packaging ideas if you decide to split them up.  And here’s the […]

Ryan’s Fizi Fundraiser

Ryan is one of our 8 year old twin boys, and he was diagnosed with bilateral retinoblastoma at 4 months old. He’s been fighting ever since, and is currently undergoing chemotherapy and unable to attend school. His cancer has left him with seriously limited vision so we’re fundraising in an attempt to get him a […]