Yes, it’s a MLM

YES, I am aware Posh is an evil MLM. It’s a pyramid scheme. Generally only those on top make money. Yes, I’ve done a few of these before. I joined Jamberry for the discount. I still love them and wear them. I stopped being a consultant because I have more Jams than anyone can wear […]

Ryan’s Fizi Fundraiser

Ryan is one of our 8 year old twin boys, and he was diagnosed with bilateral retinoblastoma at 4 months old. He’s been fighting ever since, and is currently undergoing chemotherapy and unable to attend school. His cancer has left him with seriously limited vision so we’re fundraising in an attempt to get him a […]

I’m Sorry

I know I post a lot about Posh. I honestly try to hold back, because I want to share ALL THE THINGS. I just really truly adore this company and the people. Those who have known me awhile now know that I have done other similar companies in the past- in fact I’m technically still […]

Day 1 of Becoming a Girl

Today I tried a handful of samples that I received, but I’d primarily like to discuss one in particular.  I’ve been using the same face wash since high school- Clinique’s Rinse-Off Foaming Cleanser.  I’ve tried several others and always felt that I felt greasy afterwards, or just not clean, so I stuck to paying $20 […]

Another Adventure

No, we’re not moving again! Since retiring from the USMC, we are totally content here in Charleston.  This little adventure is for me alone.  I don’t know how long some of you have known me, but years ago, before the twins were even born, I had a little tie dye/cloth diaper/etc shop.  Sometimes I’d make […]

The LLR Rabbit Hole

I get sucked into things.  Obsessed. I am not sure what it started with, but over the years it’s included things like: Strollers Cloth Diapers Essential Oils Washi Planners Beaded Jewelry Supplies Make Up Hair Bows Books Nail Polish Beanie Babies Jamberry Wraps You get the idea.  Some of these I still collect and use- […]