I’m Sorry

I know I post a lot about Posh. I honestly try to hold back, because I want to share ALL THE THINGS. I just really truly adore this company and the people. Those who have known me awhile now know that I have done other similar companies in the past- in fact I’m technically still […]

Day 1 of Becoming a Girl

Today I tried a handful of samples that I received, but I’d primarily like to discuss one in particular.  I’ve been using the same face wash since high school- Clinique’s Rinse-Off Foaming Cleanser.  I’ve tried several others and always felt that I felt greasy afterwards, or just not clean, so I stuck to paying $20 […]

Another Adventure

No, we’re not moving again! Since retiring from the USMC, we are totally content here in Charleston.  This little adventure is for me alone.  I don’t know how long some of you have known me, but years ago, before the twins were even born, I had a little tie dye/cloth diaper/etc shop.  Sometimes I’d make […]

The LLR Rabbit Hole

I get sucked into things.  Obsessed. I am not sure what it started with, but over the years it’s included things like: Strollers Cloth Diapers Essential Oils Washi Planners Beaded Jewelry Supplies Make Up Hair Bows Books Nail Polish Beanie Babies Jamberry Wraps You get the idea.  Some of these I still collect and use- […]

2016 Word of the Year.

I wasn’t going to bother this year, because I didn’t do much with last year’s word- or so I thought.  I couldn’t even remember what I picked for a minute!  But the word I chose last year was Trust, and the more I thought about it, the more appropriate the word really was for me. […]

My Room

I turned one of the bedrooms in our house into a little office/craft room. It’s my sanctuary, I’ve never had something like this, where I could just do my thing.  The kids pretty much stay out of here, so it’s the only room that is clean on a regular basis.  Lili will come watch TV […]