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What is your favorite beverage? Sweet tea or coffee. Diet Pepsi, from the tap. Er, fountain. What is your favorite outfit? Oh gawd. I hate clothes. Nothing fits right since having the twins. I honestly spend most of my days (when I don’t leave the house, obviously) in a tank top and boy short undies. […]

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How many colors of nailpolish do you own? Too many to count. I probably have 100 bottles floating around the house, easy. Who was the first person you talked to this morning? What did you say? The girls. I said TIME TO GET UP AND EAT BREAKFAST! What is your favorite state in the US? […]

Ask Me Anything! Part II

Originally posted on 12/28/09, but I feel the urge to answer more questions. I feel like writing, well no not writing. When I write, I can’t even read it, my handwriting is so bad. And if I wrote, then you guys couldn’t read it, unless of course I scanned it, and my scanner is a […]

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Ask me anything! As a Marine’s wife, is there anything u wish you would have known before choosing to be with Aaron? My Marine is worried I don’t REALLY know what I’m getting into. I want to ease his mind. Well, my ex husband was in the Army, which is basically just like being a […]

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Aaron is Canadian! He was born in Ottawa, Ontario. He moved to Utah when he was little- I want to say two. (He’s not here or I’d ask!) After that, and before he joined the USMC, he lived in Colorado. I was born in New York. Upstate. Not the city. I lived there until I […]

How did you and Aaron meet? Not long after I filed for a divorce from my first husband, I had a friend who kept trying to hook me up with her husband’s buddies. She lived up the road from me, but both of us had little ones, so we often would chat online- via AOL. […]