PYHO- Inferiority Complex

Sometimes I get so frustrated by blogging.  Not the actual ACT- I love it.  I’ve been blogging for more than a decade now on one platform or another.  And for years and years, the majority of the blogs I read were private, invitation only and REAL. The people I blogged with- in that we read […]

PYHO- Perfection.

I get so frustrated by people who think they’re ‘helpful’ and give you parenting advice.  I’m not talking about family and friends who know me and know my kids- that’s totally different.  No, I’m referring to that random lady behind my cart at the check out line of the grocery store.  You know, the one […]

Baby Rabies. (PYHO)

When I had my oldest son, E, I pretty much immediately wanted another baby.  I didn’t want an only child, and I wanted my kids close in age so they’d be friends growing up.  17 months later, I gave birth to B- and again the baby rabies hit fast and in another 18 months I […]

On this day…

Four years ago, on November 17th, we were just beginning our first deployment.  Aaron had left two days earlier.  Elora had only been gone about three months.  We knew he was leaving, in fact, he was scheduled to go in September, but they allowed him to join the rest of the guys later because of […]

On Blogging

I read a really great post today by Shell about blogging, which made me think.  I blog for me- I mean, of course I love comments and readers, but really, I’m pretty sure I’d do it without them.  Of course, there would be more typos and less spelling errors, and I wouldn’t need to ever […]

Pour Your Heart Out- Remembering Elora.

The anniversary of Elora’s death passed just the other day- August 28th. It’s been four years. I can’t believe how much has happened since then. I remember driving to Bigger-Than-TaterTown Ville every day just to look at her, and touch her hand. It was six weeks before I even got to hold her, but I […]