WW- Inspiration


I redid my blog graphics again.  This was my inspiration- I wanted to give it this kind of feel with a wee bit more rainbow-y tone.  





WW- Pathetic Bacon

Poor baby was so sick yesterday, and only wanted Ethan.

Wordless Wednesday: FancyPants


I’d bought this outfit for Bacon to wear on New Years Eve, but we didn’t do anything that night because Aaron had duty, and so I forgot about it until now.  It’s a bit small already but at least I can say he wore it once!

WW: Bacon of the Month Club: 14!


Bacon required a little cookie bribery this month, but it only adds to his sweetness if you ask me.  Plus, I tried using this speedlight flash thing that I have, and I guess I don’t know what settings to use it on because out of like 100 photos, these were the best.  Most were overexposed.  […]