Holiday Followup.


After every Christmas (and even every birthday) my kids tell us that it was their best one yet.  As I browsed various social media sites  like Facebook this year, I started to question what that means to us. Ethan, my mom, and I stayed up all night wrapping gifts and watching Sons of Anarchy.  We […]

Happy Holidays!


Wordless Way Back When-esday


The TaterTree, 2013


Aaron came home from work with a tree, so we went the real route this year.  That meant we had to go grab a stand and lights, since our fake tree was prelit.  The kids wanted to decorate it, and I figured I’d let them go to town and just sit back and watch.  All […]

Hot Chocolate Ornaments


Inspired by a image I found on Pinterest, I created some adorable ornaments filled with everything you need for a perfect mug of hot cocoa- except the hot water!   I found clear plastic ornaments at Michaels, that are discs and not spheres.  Then I gathered up all the goodies that could be used as mix-ins […]

Santa Lists


Right after I posted about Christmas earlier in the week, Santa lists appeared on the fridge from the girls.  Several of the things I’d thought about getting for them showed up on the lists- yay!  It’s nice to know I’m on the right track. There were a few oddities though- like Mia’s requests.  Her arrangement […]