Halloween 2017

Even though Ryan had chemo last week, he was feeling well enough to Trick or Treat tonight.  He made a point to to stay inside over the past few days so he wouldn’t ‘catch any germs’.  The twins and Mia went as Stormtroopers and since Bacon seems to think he’s in charge of everyone else, […]

Snoopy and The Nightmare Before Christmas.

We were sent the Sally costume in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions as always are my own. I love Halloween, and my kids usually have their costumes picked out way ahead of time- sometimes as early as August.  But this year we’re seriously slacking.  I blame the move, and six year old indecisiveness.  […]

Happy Halloween from Mystery Inc!

The kids went as Scooby Doo, Daphne, Velma, Fred & Shaggy.  Most of the stuff they wore was purchased at a thrift shop- and modified.  I think they ended up looking great!  Here was our inspiration:  

Simple Foods to Get into the Halloween Mood

I see all these creative things that people do for their kids for the holidays, their birthdays, etc. and I think that while it looks amazing, who has that kind of time or energy (or money!) to do some of that stuff?  So I gathered up a few easy ways to bring the Halloween spirit […]

From the Archives: Simple Halloween Decor

The Obligitory Halloween Photos Post

Last night was trick or treat here, and even though the kids only really spent about 30 minutes and only went to a few houses, they still ended up with a big amount of loot.  Last year we walked all over- we live in housing on base and it’s great for stuff like trick or […]