Aaron’s New Job

I’ve always thought my husband was pretty awesome, and have always had complete trust and faith that he’ll take care of us.  I know he was getting worried as his military retirement was approaching and he hadn’t found a job yet.  I knew it would work out, and although we’re still having issues (our rent […]

I’m a mess

I’ve often wondered why my husband puts up with me.  I stink at all those housewifely things, yet I’m a stay at home mom.  I am disorganized, easily overwhelmed and half the time I have my days and nights mixed up.  And sometimes, I do stupid things. The other morning, I was making myself a […]

Happy Veteran’s Day!

Aaron’s Birthday

Aaron turned 34 today, so we had to have cake.  I’d bought a checkerboard cake pan awhile back and figured it was due time to try it out.  My lines weren’t quite as smooth as the picture, but that didn’t affect the taste at all!  I frosted it with mocha icing too, yum. As for […]

Just Keep Swimmin’

Today I took a nap, and while I was sleeping Aaron loaded up the twins and went grocery shopping at the commissary.  The girls were at a friend’s house, or else he would have taken them as well.  He came home, put everything away, fed the boys lunch, and then got them ready to go […]

My Valentine

Thinking your husband is the best guy ever is totally part of the job of  being a wife- just like thinking your kids are the cutest things in the world.  But for real, mine is the best.  Not a week goes by with me wondering why the heck he’s with me, because I can be […]